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Chapter Five Hundred and sixty-two : Six types of love (part five)


(part five)

“Come on,” Samantha said.

He followed her into the living area. The warmth of this room made the kitchen feel like winter. Near the kitchen door, there was a sturdy antique farmhouse table in the dining area. Samantha’s laptop was open. A fire burned in the fireplace. An overstuff couch invited Nash to come to sit on it. There was another sitting area against the front wall creating a third room.

Nash looked at Samantha. She closed her laptop as she passed and went to the couch.

“Raz bought this for me,” Samantha said.

She sat down and nodded to Nash.

“I had this ridiculous couch,” Samantha said with a grin. “He bought this couch and had it delivered while I was traveling.”

She grinned at the memory.

“He completely changed this room,” Samantha said. “New rugs. New table.”

Samantha nodded to the farm table. Nash pointed to the table.

“That was in the attic of Mike’s studio for years,” Nash said. “Chairs too. Jacob got it from those houses he owned by DIA.”

“I knew he had help!” Samantha said with a grin.

“Did he say he did it himself?” Nash asked.

“No. Never,” Samantha said. She squinted. “I haven’t I asked. I was just so blown away at how much this seemed like home. Suddenly. I left this cold house and returned to all of this warmth. A real home.”

She looked at Nash.

“You can set her on the couch or put her on her blanket,” Samantha said.

“I like holding her,” Nash said.

Samantha gave him an agreeing nod.

“What’s wrong, Nash?” Samantha asked. “I’ve known you a long time and I’ve never seen this darkness on you.”

Nash looked down.

“It’s unnatural for you,” Samantha said. “You don’t wear it well.”

Nash sighed.

“I found out …” Nash said. To his surprise, his eyes welled with tears. “I …”

Samantha reached over and took Sasha. She set her in an antique mission style crib along the wall and returned to the couch.

“Noelle and I were in that crib,” Nash said in spite of his sorrow. “I think Jake and Val were, too.”

Samantha shook his head.

“Jacob must have a warehouse of furniture,” Samantha said.

“Yes,” Nash said. “He does.”

“Well, at least we know it raises great kids,” Samantha said with a sigh. “Delphie knitted the baby blanket. She loves it.”

Nash nodded. Samantha picked up her tea.

“You were saying something,” Samantha said.

“Oh,” Nash sighed. “You know what happened to Sandy?”

“I’ve been to see her,” Samantha said. “She seems to be on the mend.”

Nash nodded.

“She fell because I wouldn’t give up my phone,” Nash said.

Samantha nodded.

“Delphie and I talked,” Nash said. “I’m addicted to this stupid phone.”

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