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Chapter Five Hundred and Sixty-seven : That thing we call love (part two)


(part two)

Friday evening — 6:56 p.m.

“You’re not eating?” Noelle asked Nelson.

Nelson had come home with Ava. He was sitting at the bar between the kitchen and the den with his laptop open. Ava was standing in front of him while she made a salad.

“I have a date,” Nelson said, without looking up.

“He has a date with Blane,” Ava said in a sing song voice. “They are going out for fancy dinner.”

Nelson turned in his seat to look at Noelle. His eyebrows pinched with concern.

“You know that Blane and I are together,” Nelson said.

“Really?” Charlie asked as he came through the room. He picked up a stack of plate. “You mean the two of you making out in Arizona wasn’t a fluke?”

Nash and Teddy laughed as they came into the den. Charlie left with the plates.

“When were we making out?” Nelson’s face flushed with color. “You…”

“They’re just giving you shit,” Tink said as she came in from the dining room.

She put her hand on Nelson’s shoulder.

“The only thing you should know is that we are on ‘Team Blane,’” Tink said to Nelson. Looking at Maresol, she said, “Tortillas?”

Maresol pointed to the tortilla holder. Tink picked it up and left for the dining room.

“Says who?” Nash asked. “I’m on Team Templar.”

Nash started slashing at the air with the knives and forks in his right hand.

“Team Blane?” Nelson asked, just a step behind. “There’s a Team Blane?”

“You are not on Team Templar,” Noelle said. “You’re on Team Blane.”

“Says who?” Nash asked.

“Me,” Noelle said.

“You are not the boss of me,” Nash said, pointing at her with the silverware.

“So you think,” Noelle said with a laugh.

Ava set the bowl of salad on the bar and Noelle picked it up.

“Dressing?” Noelle asked.

Ava pointed to the refrigerator.

“I’ll get it,” Teddy said, his hand full of cloth napkins.

“What about Team Nelson?” Nelsom asked.

Maresol opened the refrigerator and took out the dressing. She shook her head at Teddy.

“I’ll come back,” Teddy said.

“Better thinking,” Maresol said.

Teddy left for the dining room. Charlie reappeared, and Maresol gave him the salad dressing.

“I’ll be on your team,” Nadia said.

She came in from the exercise area where she’d been swimming.

“And not Team Blane?” Ava asked with a laugh.

“Oh, there’s a Team Blane?” Nadia asked.

Ava and Nadia laughed while Nelson tried to figure out what was going on. There was a knock at the door.

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