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Chapter Five Hundred and forty-eight : Meet you at the castle (part five)


(part five)

Groaning to himself, Jeraine continued down the terminal. The Titan and her Greek God “nephew” chatted back and forth. Jeraine put his ear buds in to listen to music from his phone. After a moment, Ares put his hand on Jeraine’s arm.

Jeraine took an ear bud out.

“What is the difference between an ‘S-U-V’ and a ‘tax-ee’?” Ares asked.

“They are the same kind of vehicle but different types,” Jeraine said. “A taxi, or at least the one we took in Las Vegas, was a car.”

Jeraine nodded.

“A car,” Hecate said with a nod.

“Technically, a sedan,” Jeraine said. “It’s a kind of automobile.”

“Ah,” Ares said. “It moves automatically?”

“Instead of horses,” Jeraine said. “That’s the ‘auto.’ There is a big engine which moves the car. Ask Mike when we get to the Castle. He’ll show you.”

“I will do just that,” Ares said. “And an S.U.V?”

“It’s a type of automobile called a ‘Utility Vehicle,’” Jeraine said. “It’s set up to be more rugged for difficult roads, thicker tires, bigger. Jake has a couple to get around town in bad weather and carry the children.”

“I see,” Ares said with a nod. “It always was such a big deal carting everyone around.”

“No family we know gets along,” Hecate said.

Ares laughed out loud.

“So true,” Ares said. “So true. But everyone loves Hecate.”

Hecate blushed.

“You might need one of these ‘S-U-V’s,” Ares said with a nod.

“She would have to know how to drive it,” Jeraine said.

“Watch yourself young man,” Ares said in a low threatening voice. “You are speaking to your betters.”

Jeraine gave him a mildly irritated look. He put his other ear bud in and started toward the bridge to the main terminal. He was mildly surprised to see Ares and Hecate had followed him all the way to his car.

“What’s this?” Ares asked, his boyish glee apparent.

“This is a kind of sedan,” Jeraine said.

“A sedan is a kind of automobile,” Hecate nodded.

“A sedan is the kind of automobile where the nephew sits in back,” Jeraine said. “And the lady sits in front.”

Ares howled with laughter. Jeraine clicked the automatic locks and opened the passenger door for Hecate. When he turned to look, Ares was bent over looking at the door handle.

Jeraine flicked it and the door opened. Ares took a quick in breath.

“Very clever,” Ares said. “Very clever.”

“Get in,” Jeraine said.

Ares got into the back seat next to one of Jabari’s car seats. Ares pointed to it.

“This is to lock children in so that they don’t bother you while you operate the auto-mobile,” Ares told Hecate with a nod.

“That is a safety device,” Jeraine said from the door of the driver’s side, “for small children so they are safe while you drive.”

“Oh yes, small human children are so fragile,” Hecate said. “Makes sense.”

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