Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-five - It's time (part six)
Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-six - Ready, steady, go! (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-six - Ready, steady, go! (part one)


(part one)

Thursday evening — 7:05 p.m.

 “If there’s anything you need, son, I’m here,” Pierre said.

“Papa,” Nelson said.

Nelson and his father hugged. Pierre kissed Nelson on each cheek.

“I’m sorry,” Pierre said.

“Don’t be,” Nelson said. “Of all the things you could have given me, this is really not the worst. I’m going with an international team to find this hoard. There a big name adventure movie company that is imbedding a team to take video and photos. I’ll be famous.”

“Just what you wanted,” Pierre said.

Nelson laughed.

“No, it’s not what I wanted,” Nelson said. “But is what I am able to do. I want to always be the person who is willing to do something to make the world a better place. This is another chance to do that.”

Pierre hugged Nelson again.

“I need to say goodbye to my family,” Nelson said.

“Yes,” Pierre said. “I will be here when you return and available if you need anything.”

“Thanks, Dad,” Nelson said.

Nelson nodded to the nurse, who took Pierre’s arm and led him back to bed. Nelson left his old house where his father was living now.

He went across the sunken garden and stopped for a moment to watch the fish. He knew that when he went inside, he would say good-bye and have to go. He lingered at the pond. They’d installed a heater so the water wouldn’t freeze. The fish came up to look at him. He sighed.

Tanesha and Jeraine had delayed having their new children at the house so that he could have a little time with everyone. And everyone was waiting for him.

He did not want to go. He already missed everyone like an ache in his bones.

“Oh hey, there you are,” Blane said, coming from inside. “I have something for you.”

Nelson turned to look at him. Blane held up a hypodermic needle.

“This is the one shot vaccine,” Blane said. “I got it for you because, you know, you’re leaving.”

“Where did you get it?” Nelson asked.

“Jake,” Blane said. “We have it for employees and spouses. Since Heather doesn’t need one, I got this for you.”

“What about Jeraine and Tanesha?” Nelson asked.

“Tanesha is getting on tomorrow at the hospital,” Blane said. “Jeraine is getting one through the casino. He’s a casino employee which, as you may not know, makes him an essential workers.”

“Of course he is,” Nelson said. “Tres?”

“Had his this morning,” Blane said. “This one is yours. Roll up that sleeve.”

“What if I have a reaction?” Nelson asked.

“You are heading into the unknown with a bunch of magical folks,” Blane said. “They are there only to help and support you. You can come home in a flash. Plus, you have to travel like a regular human. You can rest on the plane.”

Nelson nodded. He pulled off his sweater and pushed up the sleeve to his long sleeved T-shirt. Blane vaccinated him.

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