Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-four - The future's so bright... (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-four - The future's so bright... (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-four - The future's so bright... (part three)


(part three)

“What a view!” Paddie said.

Katy nodded.

“We must be rich,” Paddie said.

Katy nodded.

“Cool,” Paddie said. “You’re sure this isn’t a dream?”

“It’s not a dream,” Katy said. “We can check with the sword.”

“No, you’re right,” Paddie said. “I’m just happy that everything is so good for us!”

“Me too,” Katy said.

Katy watched Paddie watch people in the park.

“Should I call my Auntie?” Katy asked.

Paddie nodded.

“Auntie Heather?” Katy asked into the air.

Nothing happened. Katy thought for a moment.

“She probably doesn’t recognize my voice now,” Katy said.

“Use her Goddess name,” Paddie said. “Use the Vanquisher.”

Katy nodded. She held out her hand and the Vanquisher appeared.

“Hedone, the Goddess of Love,” Katy called.

The air around them glistened with light. Shrouded by the light, a figure appeared and gradually became clearer.

Timeless and shockingly beautiful, Hedone appeared in her gorgeous gold dress. Katy and Paddie stepped back.

“Auntie Heather,” Katy said. She jumped up and down a bit.

“Katy?” Hedone asked. “Katy, what’s wrong?”

“We went to bed last night at home with Mommy and Daddy and the twins,” Katy said.

“We woke up big!” Paddie said.

Surprised, Hedone blinked at them. She looked around the apartment and then walked to the window. She turned around and looked at them.

“When were you married?” Hedone asked.

Katy shrugged, and Paddie shook his head.

“What do you do for a living?” Hedone asked.

Katy shrugged, and Paddie shook his head.

“Interesting,” Hedone said. “Do you still have your swords?”

Katy held up the Vanquisher and Paddie took the Sword of Truth out of his pocket.

“Huh,” Hedone said. “Someone must have thought that you would be more vulnerable in the future than you are in the Castle.”

“Are we rich?” Paddie asked.

“Well, you’re an MD PhD,” Hedone said. “You specialize in infectious disease. Katy is a museum curator.”

“That sounds fun,” Katy said.

“Ivan and Sissy gave you this apartment as a wedding present,” Hedone said. “It’s a part of their floor in New York. Your mom and dad refurbished it for you, Katy.”

“It’s beautiful,” Katy said.

“You are both very loved,” Hedone said. “Katy, you control the entire collection of art from the Polish mine and the Templar Hoard, not to mention all of the items you and Paddie found under that church in the Isle of Man and other places you’ve adventured.”

“The white eyed guy?” Paddie asked.

“Maughold gave you everything,” Hedone said. “Fin and the fairies, too. You are both fairly famous. As far as I know, you’re very happy.”

“Mack and Wyn?” Paddie asked.

“Mack just got a job as a Greek antiquities professor at UCLA,” Hedone said. “Wyn is a lawyer. He has an internship at the Supreme Court.”

“Wow,” Katy said. “Does he like it?”

“Not in the slightest,” Hedone said. “He wants to be a Supreme Court justice and this is the way.”

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