Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-four - The future's so bright... (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-four - The future's so bright... (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-four - The future's so bright... (part four)


(part four)

Katy nodded. It was weird to her that the kids who were younger than her had grown up too.

“Nash and Nadia live here too,” Hedone said.

Katy nodded.

“Are you sure that you were in Denver at the Castle when you went to bed?” Hedone asked.

Katy and Paddie nodded.

“Listen to our voices,” Paddie said.

“Good point,” Hedone said. “You do sound like the little kids you were and not your adult selves.”

Hedone gave Katy a soft smile.

“We think it’s to steal our swords,” Paddie said.

Katy nodded.

“What do you know about the search for the Templar Hoard?” Hedone asked.

“Nothing,” Katy said. “Did we go?”

Hedone nodded. The goddess looked away for a long moment.

“This is about the prophecy,” Hedone said.

“Can I see my Mommy?” Katy asked. “I really miss her.”

Paddie nodded.

“Why didn’t you call your grandfather or your aunt?” Hedone asked.

“Because he’s all ‘Hello, I’m Perses,’” Paddie said mimicking Perses’ accent.

“‘I’m big and violent,’” Katy mimicked her grandfather.

“‘Shall I kill everyone just for fun?’” Paddie asked.

Hedone laughed.

“Fair point,” Hedone said. “Hecate.”

Hecate appeared out of thin air.

“What. . .?” Hecate turned to look from Katy to Paddie. “This is impressive magic. Yours?”

Because Hecate was looking at her, Katy shook her head. Hecate turned to Hedone, who shook her head.

“You don’t know how this happened?” Hecate asked.

Katy and Paddie nodded their heads in unison.

“That’s not good,” Hecate said.

“Do you remember them going missing in 2021?” Heather asked.

Hecate shook her head.

“So it was done out of time,” Hedone said.

“Or I put the children back before anything happened,” Hecate said.

“Can we go home?” Paddie asked. “My mommy is really sick. I can’t be here!”

Katy reached out to hold Paddie’s hand.

“I’ll put you back,” Hecate said.

There was a whooshing sound and child Paddie and Katy were gone along with Hecate.

“Auntie Heather?” adult Katy asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Do you remember waking up in adult bodies when you were kids?” Hedone asked.

Katy and Paddie nodded.

“You do?” Hedone asked.

“We put the pictures on the wall just like they were when we were here,” Katy said.

“It was just before the fight for the swords,” Paddie said.

Hedone nodded.

“Hasn’t happened yet?” Paddie asked.

“It hasn’t,” Hedone said. “Any tips?”

Shaking his head, Paddie reached his hand out, and Katy moved closer to him. His arm went over her shoulder. Hedone nodded. She kissed Katy on the cheek and disappeared.

Katy looked at Paddie and he smiled.

“It made me so happy to wake up as your husband,” Paddie said. “I’m so glad to be your husband.”

“I’m glad to be your wife,” Katy said.

They kissed and hugged each other.

“You look worried,” Paddie said.

“Just telling younger me that it’s all going to work out,” Katy said.

Paddie smiled at Katy and she kissed him.

“Coffee?” Paddie asked.

Katy nodded, and they went into the kitchen.

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