Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-two - A friend will cheer for you, grieve, and help.
Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-three - And really, when have you ever done anything on your own? (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-three - And really, when have you ever done anything on your own? (part one)


(part one)

Wednesday morning —5:02 a.m.

Aden pulled the door to their apartment closed and slipped down the stairwell. Blane and Jacob were waiting for him at the end of the stairwell. They were out the door and out into the cold morning in a matter of minutes. Aden started the truck and they drove out of Castle parking lot and on to their busy day.

The entire house seemed to sigh. A quiet silence fell over the Castle.

And then the screaming started.

Nash was taking too long in the bathroom, and Bladen threw up on Katy’s favorite shirt, and Jackie was sick of her brother Eddie’s “attitude,” and Charlie could not handle another minute of Teddy’s bullshit, and. . .

All at once, it seemed like every child in the Castle was screaming at the top of their lungs.

“What’s that?” Tanesha asked Jill when she opened the side door.

“Delphie says that it’s ‘eclipse energy,’” Jill said.

“Sounds like a lot of kid rage,” Tanesha said.

“Welcome to our humble abode,” Jill said.

Tanesha laughed. They walked into the main Castle living room where Jill had set up tea with breakfast cookies and scones for their early morning girlfriends’ breakfast. Jill and Tanesha listened to the hubbub for a long moment.

“You think we should do something about it?” Tanesha asked.

“Not a chance,” Sandy said, coming down the long stairway. “We’ll likely lose a limb.”

“As long as they don’t kill each other,” Jill said with a furtive glance upstairs.

Heather appeared with Mack, Wyn, and Jabari in her arms. Upon hearing the noise, the sleepy boys leaned into Heather. Tanesha took Jabari from Heather. She settled on the couch with the boy nestled in her lap.

“Should I. . .?” Heather gestured to the ceiling above.

“You mean, it’s not the 1970s?” Jill asked. “We can’t just let them brawl while we drink cocktails.”

“Where are the servants?” Heather asked.

The girlfriends laughed.

“We agreed to let them work their own stuff out,” Sandy said. “I have to trust them to do that.”

“Katy and Paddie said the same thing to me,” Jill said.

“Can I join you?” Valerie asked.

“Of course,” Jill said.

“Me, too?” Honey asked.

“Absolutely,” Sandy said.

With a cup of tea in their hands, they sat in terse silence.

“Is it just me or are you guys uncomfortable with this. . .?” Honey asked.

“We’re uncomfortable,” Tanesha said.

Honey nodded. The screaming continued.

“They’re making my head hurt,” Valerie said.

“They told us that we were undermining them by interfering,” Heather said with a roll of her eyes.

“Our kids are such assholes sometimes,” Sandy said under her breath.

They noticed immediately when Noelle stopped screaming. Katy fell silent at the same time as Jackie stopped screaming at her brother. Not ones to give up easily, the boys went on making their points for a while. Then, as suddenly as it started, everything was silent.

“Oh thank God,” Jill said. She blew out a breath and dramatically fell onto her lap.

Tanesha laughed, and Heather’s eyes flicked across the ceiling. Honey looked like she was going to cry. Valerie just looked exhausted.

“Scone?” Sandy asked.

For a moment, no one moved.

“I’ll have one of those cookies,” Tanesha said, breaking the spell.

When Valerie laughed, the rest of the women began to laugh. For the next half hour, they laughed, drank tea, and ate scones.

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