Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-one - Out of the mouths of babes (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-one - Out of the mouths of babes (part six)

Chapter Six Hundred and Seventy-one - Out of the mouths of babes (part five)


(part five)

“I don’t know what that means, but okay,” Sandy said. “His father will be furious that his son is so upset.”

“Human life is very hard,” Hecate said. “If you’re telling me that some human man is going to be mad at me, it sounds like Tuesday.”

Hecate shrugged.

“It is Tuesday,” Sandy said. She pushed Perses out of her way. “I’m working on his hair.”

“Don’t let us concern you,” Perses said.

“This is Perses,” Sandy said nodding to the Titan. “Holmes Olivas.”

“I’ve seen you before,” Holmes said. “You’re a friend of my Auntie Alex’s, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Perses said. “She’s gotten me out of a number of tight spots. You should know — in my day, we put pedophiles behind huge boulders and force them to spend eternity pushing the rock up the hill only for it to roll to the bottom. The man who hurt you was a monster..”

“Thank you, I think,” Holmes said with a slight nod.

With Perses words, Holmes seemed to relax in a way Sandy hadn’t seen previously. She looked from Perses to Holmes.

“What?” Perses asked.

Sandy just shook her head and kept working on Holmes’ hair. After a moment she said, “I have to get some color from the back. I’m trusting you to be nice.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Perses and Hecate said in near unison.

Cleo the cat meowed, and Heather rolled her eyes.

“Tell us what you know,” Heather said in Ancient Greek.

“Where did you find this prophecy?” Hecate asked in Ancient Greek.

“It was a parchment,” Holmes said in the same language. “I think that it was some kind of historic record of the person who asked the question. He was a politician of some kind, from some other region.”

“What did he ask?” Perses asked in Ancient Greek.

“Who will stop these greedy assholes? Or something like that,” Holmes said. “They didn’t say specifically ‘assholes,’ but it was a Greek swearword for scum.”

Perses said a word, and Holmes nodded. Apollo arrived.

“Fuck,” Holmes said.

“Were you invited?” Sandy asked as she came out of the back with a rolling cart with two bowls of dye and aluminum foil wraps.

“I am a God, human,” Apollo said.

“You watch yourself! I will put you over my knee,” Perses said.

Apollo’s head jerked to Perses. He laughed, and they hugged.

“I apologize,” Hecate said. “I invited him. His temple was near the Oracles. He’s spent a lot of time in Delphi. I wasn’t sure if we’d need his assistance. But since he’s being an ass.”

“No, I’m okay,” Holmes said. “I was just surprised when he appeared. Sandy warned me but . . .”

“It’s freaky,” Sandy said.

“Well, young gentleman, my Uncle and Aunt are much more powerful than I am,” Apollo said. “They have sworn to protect you. You are safe.”

“Okay,” Holmes said.

“Now, why am I here?” Apollo asked.

“Our young friend found the written record of the prophecy,” Perses said. “From what I gather, he overheard Hedone speaking the prophecy and realized immediately that it was flawed.”

“It’s missing some of it,” Holmes said.

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