Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-six - The Devil is in the details (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-six - The Devil is in the details (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-six - The Devil is in the details (part two)


(part two)

Jacob and Mike watched Delphie closely.

“And?” Jacob asked, finally.

Delphie gave him a tired nod.

“There was a culture called the Minoans,” Delphie said. “They built an entire culture from the island of Crete, in the Mediterranean. They developed about 3500 BC, you know, the same time that Neith hotep and Narmer were combining Lower and Upper Egypt and the beginning of the Pharaohs in Egypt. Anyway, the Minoans were an amazing culture — art, culture, great food, indoor plumbing. . .”

“Indoor plumbing?” Jacob asked.

“Both for waste and for water delivery to every home,” Delphie said with a nod. “Just think of it. For thousands of years, people just poured their waste onto the streets of London or Paris when in 3000 BC, there was already indoor plumbing.”

“Mind blown,” Mike said, softly.

“The Minoans disappeared around 1000 BC,” Delphie said with a nod. “It was a big mystery. ‘Where did they go?’ ‘How did this great civilization fall?’”

“Like the Anasazi,” Mike said. “You know, Meza Verde in Southwest Colorado?”

“Sort of,” Delphie said. “But we do know that the Anasazi wandered off to join the Pueblo people. The climate changed and they were pushed them out of their mud cliff homes.”

“How do you know this?” Mike asked.

“When I worked at the store? You know, pre-Covid? I had a client who was a geneticist,” Delphie said. “This is her work. It’s pretty fascinating. I was able to help her figure out where to focus.”

Delphie scowled.

“I wonder how she’s doing,” Delphie said. She turned on the electric kettle for tea.

“You were telling us about the Minoans?” Jacob asked.

“Oh, right,” Delphie said. “Devil, burning in hell. . . So, this great civilization was wiped out by a huge volcanic explosion on a nearby island — Theta, it was called. It’s called ‘Santorini’ now. It’s only 62 miles away from Crete. Anyway, it’s a huge caldera with three or four active volcanos and it all blew. It was a ‘7’ on the volcanic explosion scale. 8 is the maximum. A ‘7’ is considered a ‘Super-Colossal’ explosion. In other words, it would have the effect of many, many nuclear bombs.”

Delphie made the sound “Pequew” and gestured with her hands as if there was an explosion.

“The lava, smoke, fire, and of course, the eventual tsunami, destroyed the Minoans,” Delphie said with a nod. “My ancestral knowledge tells me that this idea of a ‘Devil’ and ‘burning in hell’ come from the destruction of the Minoans. You see, everyone in the Mediterranean would have been affected by this explosion and. . .”

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