Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-eight - Prophesy? You've got to be f***ing kidding me!
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-nine - Old remedies, new times (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-nine - Old remedies, new times (part one)


(part one)

Monday night — 9:45 p.m.

Jill followed Nelson out of the back sliding glass door. They walked across their private courtyard and up the six steps to the carriage house Nelson used to live in. They went around the corner to reach the front door of the carriage house.

Nelson knocked twice.

“Just give them a heads up,” Nelson said.

Jill nodded. Nelson let them inside the carriage house. Jill stood in the entrance and listened. She’d been here many times to help Nelson’s father, Pierre Semaines, when he was unconscious. She knew that her mother and her grandfather had also been here. Their efforts focused on strengthening Pierre so that he would be able to survive long enough for Nelson to find the Templar Hoard. Now that Mari had brought the “Adam’s Apple” ruby, Pierre Semaines was healing from the months of being inactive.

“He just woke up,” the nurse said. “We’ve had a shower and changed.”

“Would you like a little break?” Nelson asked.

“Sounds good to me,” the nurse said. “But please — no more than a half-hour. He pretends to be well, but he tires easily.”

“Thank you,” Jill said with a nod.

The nurse smiled at Jill and nodded to Nelson before leaving the room. They listened while she went outside. Jill knew that she liked to sit in the sunny patio outside the door between the carriage house and Mr. Matchel’s home. This time of the night, Jill assumed the nurse was reading her emails.

“Nelson?” Pierre croaked from his bed.

They went around the corner to find Pierre in his hospital bed. They had set up the bed in what had been Nelson’s dining room. Nelson leaned over to kiss his father’s cheek. They spoke back and forth in quiet, quick French.

“Jill!” Pierre said. “My son tells me that you, your mother, and grandfather are one of the reasons I am still here.”

Embarrassed, Jill looked down and smoothed her hair.

“How are you, sir?” Jill asked.

“Now, now,” Pierre said. “Call me Pierre. You are family after all.”

“Sir?” Jill asked.

“My son is in a committed relationship with Blane, who is your husband’s. . .” Pierre shrugged. “Brother?”

“Cousin,” Jill said.

“That makes you family,” Pierre said. “Not to mention that you’ve helped me in a way that I can never repay.”

Jill looked down.

“Are you a Titan?” Pierre asked.

“Me?” Jill asked.

She looked up to see Nelson nodding. Pierre’s intense eyes tracked her face.

“My father is Perses,” Jill said. “My mother is human. We are mostly human.”

Pierre gave her a doubting look but nodded to let her off the hook.

“Help me up,” Pierre said in French.

Nelson helped his father to sitting.

“I am allowed to walk a tiny bit inside the house,” Pierre said. “Would you like to walk with me?”

Nelson looked at Jill, and she nodded.

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