Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-nine - Old remedies, new times (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-nine - Old remedies, new times (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-nine - Old remedies, new times (part four)


(part four)

Jill got up and ran to the kitchen. She took five mugs from the cabinet and returned. Heather poured the wine. Perses passed out the mugs. For a moment, everyone took a sip of the wine. After a first sip, Pierre swallowed down the wine. Heather refilled his mug.

“Slowly, now,” Heather said.

“Ma’am,” Pierre said.

The room was silent as they took sips of the wine, fruit, and spice mixture.

“This is really good,” Jill said, surprised.

Heather nodded.

“It’s an old remedy,” Perses said. “But sometimes, the old remedies are the best. How are you feeling, Pierre?”

“Better,” Pierre said. “Thank you. This brings me back to my mother’s kitchen. She made something like this. Where did it come from?”

“My grandfather’s home,” Heather said. “His bees, oranges. . . come to think of it, I think he grows the spices too.”

Pierre took another drink.

“You are here about the prophesy,” Pierre said. “We should speak quickly before the nurse returns.”

“Is this the prophesy my sister referred to?” Perses asked.

“Yes,” Jill glared at Nelson.

“I did not know,” Nelson said. “You know that I love Katy.”

“Oh, Katy?” Perses looked at Jill. “You think it’s Katy?”

“Your sister told Katy that. . .” Jill said. Angry again, she just shook her head.

“She has the Vanquisher,” Nelson said.

“Yes,” Perses said.

“That sword is yours?” Pierre asked Perses.

“I had it made,” Perses said with a shrug.

“Huh,” Pierre said.

“Who made the prophesy?” Heather asked.

“Oracle of Delphi, actually,” Pierre said. He nodded to Perses. “You knew them?”

“Sure,” Perses said. “Some of them were as good as our Delphie. Most of them were not. Our Delphie is the best oracle that I’ve ever known.”

Perses shrugged.

“The woman who told me to leave the sword with Maughold,” Perses said. He sipped his mulled wine. “That was right.”

“What. Did. She. Say?” Jill said her words through her teeth. “What is this God damned prophesy?”

Her words echoed in the living room as if she’d shouted. Nelson and Pierre looked a little shocked while her father laughed, and Heather smiled.

“There will be a female child — not an average child, but a female child, none the less.  She will rise from the greatest house of the great houses, the greatest blade will guide the smallest hand, the smallest blade, the finest cut will change the fate of those strive for powerful and greatness.”

“What?” Perses asked.

Pierre held up a finger. Everyone in the room leaned forward.

Pierre said. “My father used to add this last bit — ‘And the swords of the son — either ‘s-o-n’ or ‘s-u-n’ — will fade into the darkness from whence they came. None who survives will remember.’”

Pierre nodded to Nelson and said, “Your mother used to add — ‘Watch for her as she will need your help, your love, but get out of the way when the time is ripe.’”

No one said anything for a long moment.

“Well, at least that’s clear,” Heather said.

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