Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-four - A friend indeed (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-four - A friend indeed

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-four - A friend indeed (part six)


(part six)

“Your Arabic is beautiful,” Asal said with a nod. “I’m so glad that I came. Would you mind if I take a photo with you and Amir?”

Amir was Alex’s twin Joey’s Afghan name. Máire looked up at her mother.

“My mother is missing you this year,” Asal said. “She will be delighted to see how big you’ve grown over the last year.”

“Grandmother Noor is your mother?” Máire asked. “Great-grandmother Noor is your grandmother?”

Asal nodded. Maire grinned at Asal.

“They have the best bees,” Máire said. “Biggest hives. Best honey.”

“That’s my grandmother,” Asal said. “She loves bees.”

“We were just saying that we hoped to get honey this year,” Alex said.

Joey ran up to see what was going on. He stopped short when he saw the woman.

“You’re Grandmother Noor’s daughter,” Joey said. “I recognize you from her photographs.”

With this simple words, Asal began to cry. The children looked at Alex, and she nodded to them. Máire and Joey hugged Asal. And Asal hugged them back.

After a moment, the children pulled back and returned to holding Alex’s hands.

“You said that you’ve were on call last night,” Alex said. “You must be exhausted. We’re going to be here all day. We have a lot to harvest. You can head home to rest and return in the afternoon.”

Asal nodded.

“May I take a photo first?” Asal asked.

“Of course,” Alex said. She nudged her twins forward. “Why don’t I take it?”

Asal nodded and gave Alex her cellphone. Joey and Máire stood on either side of their newly found cousin. Alex gestured for her kids to pull down their face masks. Then, Alex took a few shots with Asal’s cellphone. The twins put their facemasks back on and ran off to be with Chase and Beau.

“Do you need help?” Asal asked.

“We have a lot of people coming,” Alex said.

“We will come.” Asal said with a nod. She gave the children one last look and started running again.

Not sure what that meant, Alex watched the woman run off.

Although there was a large Afghan community in Denver, Alex and her twins rarely had contact with them. She wasn’t sure why they never saw the twins family members. She’d assumed that people were as busy as they were. Watching Asal run off, Alex wondered if there might be more to it than sheer busyness. Shrugging to herself, Alex went to help to get the site ready for harvest day.

Denver Cereal continues on Monday...


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