Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-five - Stick a fork in it (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-five - Stick a fork in it (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-five - Stick a fork in it (part three)


(part three)

“You can’t be done,” Detective Karowski said.

“Why not?” Ava asked.

Detective Karowski gave Ava a guilty look, and she shook her head.

“We’ve gotten what we need to,” Ava said. “We can always come back.”

“What if he gets rid of everything?” Detective Karowski asked.

“He’s not going to do it today,” Ava said. “Look out the window. This is Harvest Day. Jake’s not going to have time to clear it out today.”

They turned to look at Jacob. Nodding, he shrugged.

“She’s right,” Jacob said. “We have a lot going on today. That means that next week is going to be filled with cooking and canning. It takes at least another week to get everything wrapped up after a big week this week.”

“So, you see!” Ava said. “We have plenty of time to come back.”

“We’ll process all of this. . .” Leslie held up a few evidence bags. She looked at the bag and lifted her lip in a sneer. “. . . stuff.”

“We’ll find your precious drug dealer, even if it’s Stone’s mother,” Fran said. “And that bitch. . .”

Nelson jumped up from where he was sitting and hugged Fran.

“It’s okay,” Nelson said.

Fran looked up at him.

“She doesn’t have anything to do with us,” Nelson said.

“She. . .” Fran said. “My girls and. . .”

Detective Karowski winced and walked out of the storage area.

“Come on,” Jacob said. He leaned in to Fran and said softly, “She’ll get hers. Don’t worry.”

He touched Fran’s arm and said, “Time to go.”

“It’s about time,” Leslie and Ava said in near unison.

“Do stay for lunch,” Jacob said. He nodded to Detective Karowski. “Join us.”

Leslie and Fran left the storage area. Nelson picked up his backpack. Ava waved him out of the storage area. Standing in the center of the storage area, Ava looked around. She saw something tucked behind the bookshelf. Ava took out a large tweezer with long tynes. She carefully pulled the object from behind the bookshelf.

It was some kind of paper. Not sure what she’d found, Ava put the object into an evidence bag. She sealed the bag, tucked it into her backpack, and left the storage area. Jacob followed Ava down the few stair. It took a few minutes, but with Nelson’s help, Jacob was able to get the panel back on.

“You gonna do something with that?” Nelson said to Jacob, softly.

“I’m taking the wall out and clearing everything into a roll off,” Jacob said.

They laughed. They turned into the living room and stopped short. The living room was full of people standing six feet apart from each other.

“But not today,” Jacob said.

Nelson patted Jacob’s arm and followed Ava, Leslie, and Fran out of the house. Detective Karowski watched Jacob thread his way through the crowd before turning toward to the door to leave.

“Hey, man, you gonna dig with us?” Nash asked in his best “stupid teenager” voice.

Surprised, Detective Karowski took a step back from the young man. He shook his head and nearly ran out the door.

Nash chuckled. He turned to Mike, who was standing behind him.

“That was fun,” Nash said.

Mike laughed.

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