Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-two - You can talk to me (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-two - You can talk to me

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-two - You can talk to me (part six)


(part six)

“But first, you need rest,” Delphie said. “I will speak with Jake to see where we can move you.”

“Blane invited us to stay with them,” Sissy said.

“We can keep you safer from Covid here,” Delphie said. “Jake is thinking about this right now. He will come up in the next five minutes to tell you where to stay.”

Sissy smiled at Ivan, and to Sissy’s surprised, Ivan actually smiled back.

“Thank you,” Ivan said. “I haven’t known how to. . .”

“I understand,” Delphie said. “We have a lot of people here today. There is someone who can help you with your head. She’s the mother of one of the teenagers. You will meet her at dinner.”

Ivan nodded.

Delphie got up and walked to her front door. There was a knock on the door and Delphie opened the door. Blane and Jacob came inside.

“Blane told me that he would like to treat Ivan,” Jacob said to Delphie. “He said that Ivan should stay close so that he can get the treatment he needs. I. . .”

Jacob looked across the apartment. Seeing Ivan and Sissy, he smiled.

“Oh great, you’re here,” Jacob said. “Val and Mike are moving out of their apartment. With three kids, it’s too small for them now. They’re moving into a couple of apartments near Honey and MJ. Now that the Denver Police are done, I should have it finished in a day or so. You two are welcome to Val and Mike’s apartment when the new apartment is completed.”

“I can stay with Sam for a couple of days,” Delphie said. “Ivy is leaving Sunday night to spend a week with her Aunt Gracie. Gracie goes on leave today and will be here for dinner tonight.”

“I don’t want to push you out of your apartment,” Sissy said.

Delphie chuckled.

“What is it?” Ivan asked.

“It’s all set up for you,” Delphie said with a grin. “Did you think that I would not be ready? I’ve changed the bedding. The refrigerator is filled for you. It’s all ready for you.”

Sissy smiled. Ivan grabbed Sissy’s hand.

“Why don’t we help you into bed?” Blane asked. “If you’re willing, we can start treatment right now.”

“Yes,” Ivan said. “I would like that. But. . .”

Ivan looked at Sissy.

“What about Sissy and her dance?” Ivan asked.

“It will work out,” Delphie said. “You will spend some time here together and some apart. Ivan, you need days of long rest that you can really only get alone. It will work out so beautifully that you will think it was planned.”

Ivan looked at Sissy, who was smiling broadly. Ivan nodded.

Blane and Jacob helped Ivan into Delphie’s bed.

“I’ll get your bag,” Jacob said.

Blane nodded. Jacob and Delphie left the small apartment.

“What do you think?” Sissy asked.

“I think that I am so lucky to have you in my life,” Ivan said.

“I agree,” Sissy said. “I’m going to shower. You rest for a while. I’m sure they’ll bring up lunch and we’ll plan to head down for dinner.”

Ivan nodded. Jacob returned with Blane’s bag, and then rushed off to do something else. Blane started to work. Sissy went to shower.

There was hope, and that was enough.

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