Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together (part two)


(part two)

“From the very beginning,” Sissy said with a nod. “Jake, Aden, and Sam run a big underground construction company. They've been able to keep their entire crew from getting sick by using distance, masks, and hand washing. I think that it’s been a lot of work, but no one here minds doing the work.”

“You don’t live here?” Jennifer asked.

“I’ve been in Paris for school,” Sissy said.

“Oh,” Jennifer said. “You’re the ballerina? My daughter’s been talking about a ballerina who is going to dance tonight in City Park.”

“Nash and Teddy run an Instagram account for me,” Sissy said. “We’ve danced all over Denver, Paris, and a few places in Europe. Before Ivan got sick.”

Jennifer nodded.

“She’s very excited,” Jennifer said. “Do you mind dancing with younger students?”

“I think we’re all students,” Sissy said. “Plus, she’s not that much younger than I am. I’m just eighteen.”

“Oh, you’re a year older than my son,” Jennifer said. “I guess it’s your poise that makes you seem older.”

“Since I have been ill,” Ivan said.

“I think it’s just living in France,” Sissy said with a shrug. Sissy pointed to Charlie and Tink. “That’s my older brother and his girlfriend.”

“My eldest loves Charlie,” Jennifer said. “He read so many books when he was here earlier in the year. I was surprised because he’s not much of a reader, but Charlie got him interested in all kinds of books and stories. He still does the book club.”

“I do, too,” Sissy said with a grin. “Charlie’s a great teacher.”

Wanda came running out of the Castle. She went to speak to Tink. The girls looked up at Sissy and waved her over.

“Excuse me,” Sissy said. “I better go over before they get wild.”

Jennifer smiled. Sissy got up from her seat. She kissed Ivan’s cheek and went to see what Tink and Wanda were up to.

Ivan sighed.

“You are probably wondering about the difference in our ages,” Ivan said.

“Not really,” Jennifer said. “I learned how precious love is when Dean died. I always thought that I knew about love, but losing Dean and the rest of the guys. . . I don’t think any of us wives have really moved on. It’s been a long time, but. . .”

Jennifer shrugged.

“Now, I guess I think if you have love, you should cherish it for as long as it’s with you,” Jennifer said.

Ivan gave her a slight nod.

“Are you a dancer too?” Jennifer asked. “You look like one.”

Ivan gave a nod.

“Why did the boys go to get you?” Jennifer asked.

“Do you know Seth O’Malley?” Ivan asked.

“By name,” Jennifer said. “I mean, like everyone in Denver, I could recognize him in a crowd, but I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to him.”

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