Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together (part three)


(part three)

“He traded a big favor for the team to go get me,” Ivan said. “Paid for the trip, too. They used his help to find someone who would likely had died without his help. Did you know that he finds remains and brings them home?”

Jennifer nodded and looked away.

“What do you do?” Ivan asked.  

“I work with traumatized people. I’m a psychologist,” Jennifer said. She gave him a long look. “Delphie told me. . .”

“She told me that I would meet someone who could help me today,” Ivan said.

“I don’t usually find clients at parties,” Jennifer said. “I’m not sure that it’s ethical.”

“I understand.” Ivan nodded.

“That said,” Jennifer said, “it would be a great honor for me to help someone who was helped by Dean.”

Jennifer smiled at Ivan.

“Do you need help?” Jennifer asked.

“Delphie told me that my internal rage and trauma are making my illness worse,” Ivan said. His eyes flicked to Sissy. “I want to survive this thing. I want. . .”

Ivan sighed.

“I understand,” Jennifer said. She dug around in her purse and came up with a business card. “Let me give you my card. If you decided to get help, just call me. If I don’t work for you, then I can refer you. I can always come here or meet you over the Internet.”

“I am very tired,” Ivan said.

“I understand,” Jennifer said. “I’ve known other people with cancer. No matter how fit or strong you are, fighting cancer takes everything out of you.”

Ivan gave her a quick nod. His eyes drifted to where Sissy was talking to Wanda and Tink.

“She is very beautiful,” Jennifer said. “I’m excited to see her dance tonight.”

Ivan nodded.

Jennifer opened her mouth to say something else, but Blane came up behind them.

“Excuse us,” Blane said.

Ivan looked up at him.

“Time for another treatment,” Blane said.

“Excuse me,” Ivan said. “Very nice to meet you.”

“You, too,” Jennifer said.

Blane helped Ivan to his feet.

“And thanks for telling me about Dean,” Jennifer said. Her hand went to her heart. “You cannot imagine how much that means to me.”

They got to the end of the medical office stairs. Mike jogged over. Without saying a word, Mike lifted Ivan off his feet and carried him upstairs.

“Mike and his family are here, too,” Blane said when they reached the top.

“Thank you,” Ivan said.

Mike carried Ivan through the medical offices, past his apartment, and into Delphie’s apartment. He lay Ivan down on the bed. Ivan was asleep before Blane returned.

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