Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-four - A friend indeed (part one)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-three - Safe, together (part six)


(part six)

Mike looked off into the distance and then back at Burt.

“I remember your stories about him,” Mike said. “I don’t know what’s happened, but he’s decided to try to be a nicer person. He has friends now and doesn’t spend so much time alone.”

“Does he watch those stupid programs?” Burt asked.

“I don’t think he has time,” Mike said. “He’s pretty busy, now. He’s either making food for people or dropping it off. That’s three times a day. Delphie and my sister, Jill, organize it. It’s a little crazy but people were starving before we stepped in to help.”

Burt looked up at Mike.

“What do you need?” Mike asked.

“I. . . I don’t know,” Burt said. “To know that it’s over, I guess.”

“It’s over,” Mike said. “Listen, we’re going to be working in the gardens for another day.”

“Dad wants me to help out at some school?” Burt asked.

“We’ll tell you all about it,” Mike said. “I’m due someplace. Do you mind if I leave you with Mike and Royce? Royce was a SEAL and M.J.’s a Marine. They know all about what we went through.”

Burt shook his head.

“Your dad stays here sometimes,” Mike said. “Why don’t you plan to stay? We can talk more when I’m done.”

Burt nodded. Mike put his hands on Burt’s shoulders.

“I know that you’re suffering,” Mike said. “But I also know that all that we went through is really and truly over.”

Burt looked up at him.

“Yes,” Mike answered Burt’s unasked question. “I still have nightmares and wake up thinking I’m there. But, I have three kids now. They’ve taught me that I have a bigger life than a few months in a cave in Afghanistan.”

Burt started to cry.

“Come on,” Mike said. “Let’s get you a beer and some food. You can hang out with a few nice people.”

Wiping his face, Burt got to his feet. M.J. and Royce were right with Burt as soon as Mike moved away.

“Oh, I should tell you,” Mike said. “Your dad’s working on his memoir.”

“Really?” Burt mouthed.

Mike nodded.

“It’s pretty good,” M.J. said. “He’s read some of it to us.”

“Who knew?” Burt said.

Mike started toward the back. He was just about to turn when he saw M.J. and Royce walking Burt toward the back.

Mike saw that Blane was getting Ivan to his feet. They were shuffling toward the stairway to the medical offices. Mike jogged across the backyard and carried Ivan up the stairs. At the top, he looked out over the party.

Mike remembered getting home from Afghanistan as clear as day. He remembered the mess he’d made of his life and the wreckage his trauma caused for him and Valerie. He looked out across the Castle backyard.

These were the people who helped him put his pieces back together again. They would help Burt, too.

Nodding to himself, he went inside to join his family to help heal Ivan.

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