Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-one - Myeloma (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-one - Myeloma

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-one - Myeloma (part six)


(part six)

“I’d do one better than that,” Sandy said with a smile. “I’ll get Nadia to talk to him. She’ll be furious that he is not getting the treatment due to the cost.”

“She’s really rich,” Sissy said.

“1% territory,” Aden said with a nod.

“I can see why she’d be mad,” Sissy said. “I think he just wants to stay in control. You know, he lost so many years in the gulag. When he got out, he wanted to control the rest of his life.”

“That does sound like Ivan,” Sandy said with a smile.

Sissy fell silent. Sandy looked at Aden.

“Thank you for telling us,” Aden said. “Why don’t we go find Delphie? I know that you’d rather know now than wait. Sandy will call Maresol and have her bring Ivan to the acupuncture clinic.”

Sissy nodded.

Aden leaned over and kissed Sandy’s cheek. Sissy got up from her seat. Sandy got up to hug Sissy, but she was so distraught that she missed Sandy’s gesture. Aden gave Sandy a soft smile and Sandy nodded. Aden put his arm over Sissy’s shoulders and led her out of the apartment.

Sandy sat back down at the table and started making calls.

The first person she called was Jill.

“Where are you?” Sandy asked.

“Where are you?” Jill asked.

“Our apartment,” Sandy said. “Can you come?”

“On my way,” Jill said. “Heather and Tanesha are here. Do you. . .?”

“Oh great,” Sandy said. “Can they come too?”

“On our way,” Heather and Tanesha said in the background.

“Thanks,” Sandy said. “Is your mom here?”

“She will be,” Jill said. “Why?”

“I’ll tell you everything when you get here,” Sandy said and hung up.

Sandy called Maresol, Seth O’Malley’s housekeeper, family, and dear friend.

“Maresol?” Sandy asked. “Can you bring Ivan to the acupuncture clinic here at the Castle?”

“Is that where Blane is?” Maresol asked. “I’ve been calling him and I can’t find him. I tried Heather but she’s not answering and I know that Harvest Day. . .”

“Blane holds a free medical clinic here at the Castle on Saturdays,” Sandy said. “Nelson and LaTonya are also there to see patients.”

“When should I bring him?” Maresol asked.

“As soon as you can,” Sandy said.

“He’s very sick, Sandy,” Maresol said. “He probably should be around a bunch of people.”

“I thought that he could see Jill and her mom, Mike, Steve, Megan — you know, get their opinion,” Sandy said. “Is Angelika there with you?”

“She is. Dionne, too,” Maresol said. “We’ll be there within the hour.”

“Call me when you get here,” Sandy said. “We’ll have it all worked out by then.”

“Got it,” Maresol said. “Did you ask about the cord blood?”

“I was just about to,” Sandy said.

“Okay,” Maresol said. “Good. See you soon.”

Sandy sat staring into space until Jill and the girlfriends arrived. She told them everything and they started making plans.

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