Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty - Harvest Day visitor (part six)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-one - Myeloma (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty-one - Myeloma (part one)


(part one)

Saturday morning — 11:03 a.m.

Staring at some kind of a map, Ava, Fran, Leslie, and Bob walked across the Castle living room.

“That’s this way,” Jacob said.

Ava and her team waited for Jacob to get ahead of them. Captain Ferguson and his two technicians were following Jacob.

“We haven’t been through this room,” Jacob said. “Honestly, it’s something Val was going to get to but she got pregnant again. So be super careful. There could be anything in here.”

Everyone nodded. Jacob walked down the hallway in front of Honey and MJ’s apartment and stairs. The hallway stopped a few feet after the stairs with one room on the right.

“It’s this way,” Jacob said, holding up a cordless drill.

He pressed a section which opened up to show a screw, which he loosened. He revealed other screws and, with the help of Captain Ferguson, removed the panel that had been a wall.

“I had no idea that was there,” Sissy said.

Everyone turned to look at her.

“Hi,” Sissy said. “I wondered if I could talk to Ava.”

Ava looked at her team, and they nodded.

“What are you doing?” Sissy asked.

“Some jackass detective decided to look into cold cases here at the Castle,” Ava said, as she walked toward Sissy. “They were such assholes that we had to leave the lab to come spend our weekend here. Captain Ferguson has an entire team is working this weekend on this bullshit.”

Ava hugged Sissy.

“Sorry to be so dark,” Ava said as they separated. “Seth’s home and I want to be home with him.”

“I understand,” Sissy said.

“It’s really great to see you,” Ava said. “Just speaking for myself, I’ve missed you. I know that you’ve seen Seth a few times, but I know he’s missed you too. Not to mention your family. Is it nice to be home?”

A couple of laughing and talking teenagers ran in the side entrance and into the Castle living room. They turned to watch them before turning back.

“I wanted to ask you about Ivan,” Sissy said.

Ava nodded.

“Is it okay for him to be there?” Sissy asked. “I. . . Honestly, I didn’t know what to do.”

“He’s more than welcome to stay as long as he needs to,” Ava said. “Seth would love it if you would stay with us, but we marginally understand that you want to be with your family.”

Sissy gave her a worried nod.

“I need to talk to Sandy and Aden,” Sissy said. “They set aside time for us to talk. They’re waiting for me. But I wanted to check.”

“Don’t worry,” Ava said. “We’ve done this before. We’re happy to help.”

Sissy gave her a worried nod. Ava impulsively hugged Sissy again. Ava kissed Sissy’s cheek and went back to join her team. Sissy watched Ava for a minute before heading up the stairs to speak with Aden and Sandy.

With each step forward, she felt heavier until, at the top of the stairs, she barely had the strength to take the final step.

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