Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty - Harvest Day visitor (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty - Harvest Day visitor (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty - Harvest Day visitor (part three)


(part three)

“No,” Sissy sighed. “Maybe I’m not sure what the problem is. I just knew that I wanted to come home. Spend time with you, Charlie, Nash, Noelle, and my Rachel Ann. I. . . Delphie, the girlfriends. . .”

“Just the boring old stuff?” Sandy asked with a grin.

“I guess so,” Sissy said. “Home. I mean, I love Claire and Ben and everything about Paris, but this is home.”

They heard the water turn off in the shower.

“It doesn’t sound like anything has to be decided today,” Sandy said. “Why don’t we head out for pancakes? Are you up for some Harvest Day adventures?”

“I love Harvest Day,” Sissy said. “I mean, I know I just said that about Harvest Day, but I really love it. I have been thinking about how Val always makes it back for Harvest Day. I think I’ll do that too, you know, when everything’s settled.”

“You’re welcome any time,” Sandy said.

“Jill said something about greenhouses and there are gardens all over town?” Sissy asked.

“They’re trying to do their part during the pandemic,” Sandy said.

“Wonderful,” Sissy said. “Just wonderful. Did Heather and Tanesha’s house ever get made?”

“You should see it!” Sandy said. “It’s gorgeous. They have guest bedrooms, if you’d rather stay over there.”

They heard the sound of Aden shaving with his electric razor through the door.

“Let’s head out,” Sandy said.

Sissy got up and followed Sandy out of the room.

“What about Tres and Heather?” Sissy asked in a soft voice.

“They are very on,” Sandy said.

“And Blane?” Sissy asked.

“He and Nelson are also on,” Sandy said. “Before you ask — Heather and Blane are still married and still together like they were.”

“Wow,” Sissy said. “I mean, I grew up with them, so it’s not such a huge deal, but it’s not normal.”

Sandy nodded.

“They are happy,” Sandy said with a shrug.

“Charlie!” Sissy said going into the kitchen.

“I made coffee,” Charlie said. “It’s not French coffee but it’s pretty good.”

“Thank you,” Sissy said. “I could use some.”

Charlie grinned at her. She hugged him from behind before heading to the machine. She poured herself a cup of coffee.

“How are you?” Sissy asked.

“Good,” Charlie said. “You should have seen it when everyone was on ‘stay at home’ in the spring. We had a bunch of visiting kids. I was their teacher, mostly. It was. . . I think that’s what I want to do — teach.”

“Awesome,” Sissy said. She scooted up so that she could sit on the counter. “I figured you’d either be something like a teacher or social worker or head of a cult.”

“Head of a cult?” Charlie asked. “Aren’t I already your messiah?”

“Absolutely,” Sissy said with a laugh. “How’s. . .”

Tink rushed into the kitchen.

“Why are you making pancakes?” Tink asked angrily. She hadn’t seen Sissy yet. “Did you forget that we’re having a big breakfast. . .”

Charlie gestured behind him.

Tink turned in place. Her jaw dropped and her eyes went wide.

“Hi Tink,” Sissy said with a wave.

“OhmyGodSissy!” Tink said. “OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod!”

Charlie threw the spatula down and grabbed Tink in a hug.

“Is she okay?” Sissy asked, coming to their side.

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