Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty - Harvest Day visitor (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty - Harvest Day visitor

Chapter Six Hundred and Sixty - Harvest Day visitor (part six)


(part six)

“Fucking shit,” Nelson said turning away from Mari. “God damn it! This thing is so. . .”

“What’s wrong?” Mari asked.

Nelson turned in place. Mari was standing there with a basketball sized ruby in her hands.

“You disappeared!” Nelson said. “I thought that this thing. . . What’s that?”

“Your ruby,” Mari said. “I had to go get it. Well, I had to mess with time I assume that. . .”

“Nelson?” Heather asked, appearing an inch from here. “There’s a time disturbance here and I. . .”

Nelson pointed to Mari. Heather turned to Mari. Her mouth dropped open.

“Sorry,” Mari said. “He finally asked for the ruby. I had to ask dad — well, I had to find him and then I had to ask and then he had to get the ruby and deal with your uncle. Thank you, by the way, for asking him already.”

“Of course,” Heather said. “My uncle Poseidon said that he would be happy to help.”

“He did,” Mari said. “And then Dad had to get the stone to me and here I am!”

Mari looked down at the glowing red stone.

“It’s big,” Mari said. “No wonder the Templars wanted it.”

“What do we do with it?” Nelson asked.

“Oh,” Mari said. “I thought you read the documents.”

“There are documents?” Nelson and Heather said in near unison.

“Everything has a document,” Mari said. “Lucky for you, I read them.”

“What do we do?” Nelson asked. “Hurry! Hurry! He’s near death.”

Nelson sucked in a breath and began to cry. Heather hugged him tight. Over Nelson’s shoulder, Heather nodded to Mari. The fairy went to Nelson’s father, Pierre, and set the ruby on his stomach.

“Look,” Heather said, pushing away from Nelson.

Nelson turned toward the bed. Thin streams of black were surged from his father and flew into the ruby. Mari, Heather, and Nelson stared in shock while it seemed black had no end.

“Look,” Heather said, pointing to the oxygen mask over Pierre’s mouth.

The mask filled with a black fog. Nelson carefully removed the bands that held the mask on and pulled the mask off. A grapefruit sized ball of black moved into the ruby, which continued to glow bright red.

They waited and waited and waited.

Nelson had almost given up when. . .

“Oú suis-je?” Pierre croaked. “Oú est mon fils?”

“Je suis là,” Nelson said, rushing to the bed.

Pierre’s eyes scanned Nelson’s face. Seeing his father’s face, Nelson began to weep.

“Papa,” Nelson said.

Nelson held onto his father for the rest of the time the smoky black treads came off his father’s body. It took a while, but suddenly nothing came off of Pierre. Nelson looked up to see Heather and Mari were still there.

“I think that you should keep this,” Mari said. “At least for a while. I’ll come back for it.”

Nelson nodded. Mari blew him a kiss and disappeared.

“I’ll. . .” Heather said, gesturing to the door. “Should I come get you for clinic?”

Nelson nodded, and Heather left. Nelson glanced at the door and turned back to his father.

“What’s happened?” Pierre whispered.

Nelson looked at his father and then laughed.

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