Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-six - Early morning visit (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-six - Early morning visit (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-six - Early morning visit (part three)


(part three)

“Put a facemask on,” Delphie said. “No reason to show off.”

Heather nodded in a kind of bow.

“Thanks,” Detective Stone said. “Good coffee.”

“Why are you here in my home, Detectives?” Delphie asked.

“This is your home?” Detective Stone asked.

“It is,” Delphie said. “Jake’s mom bought it for me. Now, we have a lot going on today, so you should spit out what you want. There are a lot of people will be here shortly.”

“It’s the first day of Harvest Weekend,” Mike said.

Detective Karowski nodded.

“What’s ‘Harvest Weekend’”? Detective Stone asked.

“We get together to harvest gardens,” Alexandra Hargreaves said through her facemask as she came in the door from the backyard. “Go ahead.”

Her children — Joey and Máire — ran off toward the dining room. Alex’s husband, also wearing a facemask, came in behind her. He touched Alex’s shoulder and started toward the dining room.

“Children’s breakfast,” Jacob said.

“No adults allowed,” Heather said.

“Ah.” John stopped short. “Might I have some tea?”

Mike reached over and turned on the electric kettle.

“Breakfast?” Jacob asked from his position at the stove.

“Sounds good,” John said with a nod. “Need help?”

“Nah, I’m just making eggs,” Jacob said. “Bacon. Sandy made muffins.”

“This year, we’re harvesting here, at Alex’s house, and the big garden at the Marlowe School,” Delphie said. She clapped her hands. “Some of us are cooking and canning all next week. Alex, her brother, I, and some of the kids will harvest from our bees and then Alex’s bees while they cook.”

“Oh good, you’re here,” Sandy said as she came in the room.

She set down Rachel, who ran toward the dining room. Mike gave her a facemask which she put on.

“Can you help?” Sandy asked Heather.

“Sure,” Heather said.

Sandy and Heather left to Sandy’s apartment.

“Why are you here?” Mike asked.

Jill came down the stairs. She looked around the room.

“They went to Sandy’s,” Alex said, drinking coffee.

John fixed a pot of tea and went to Alex’s side. He put his arm around her. Jill went off to Sandy’s apartment.

“We’re here on a cold case,” Detective Stone said.

“What cold case?” Jacob asked.

“Lieutenant said that we should work on cold cases while crime is down,” Detective Karowski said.

“Crime is down?” Delphie asked.

“Not really,” Detective Stone said. “Most crime now is between family members so it’s not the challenge the lieutenant wants for our professional growth. At least, that’s what he said.”

Mike ground coffee beans for another pot of coffee and then started a pot.

“Why does this bring you to us?” Jacob asked with his head in the oven.

“What?” Detective Stone asked.

“With the facemask and the oven, she couldn’t hear you,” Mike said.

“Oh.” Jacob stood up and closed the oven door. “Why are you here?”

“There are seven cold cases related to this address,” Detective Stone said. “Karowski said that we should just come here and clear them up.”

“Okay,” Jacob said.

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