Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-seven - What the Evil Wizard wants... (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-seven - What the Evil Wizard wants... (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-seven - What the Evil Wizard wants... (part four)


(part four)

“My boss sent me and my team to see if we could facilitate the Crime Scene Unit to come in and get forensics,” Ava said. “I’ve worked with those guys for as long as I’ve been at Denver Crime Labs. They are really great guys. Not an asshole among them. Really.”

“What did Sami say?” Jacob asked. “Did she tell you that she kicked the detectives out?”

“My boss did,” Ava said with a shrug. “I would have thrown them out too.”

Jacob nodded.

“I left the form with her,” Ava said. “My boss wanted me to give you my assurances that the department is very sorry for the misunderstandings this morning.”

“I’m sure he is sorry,” Jacob grimaced.

“I’ll tell you,” Ava said, nodding, “I’ve had run-ins with Detective Stone, most recently over our project to process all of the Native people’s rape kits. In short, she thinks that it’s a waste of our time and slowing down forensic work. She filed a complaint with the police board. We had to go through an investigation and everything.”

“Didn’t you open a separate lab?” Jacob asked.

“We did,” Ava said. “We even got separate funding for it. She’s just an asshole.”

Jacob nodded.

“That doesn’t change the fact that there were cases here,” Ava said. “Which means that we might get forensics and bring some relief to the victims’ families.”

Tipping his head back, Jacob groaned.

“Too much?” Ava asked with a smile.

“No,” Jacob said. “You’re right. I just. . . I mean, how is it my fault that there were crimes in this building? Many of them happened before I was even born!”

“I know,” Ava said. “I understand.”

“But, you’re right, it doesn’t change the need to look into it,” Jacob said. “And before you say it, people should be caught and, if we can help bring peace to families of the dead, we’re happy to.”

“I was kind of hoping you and Delphie could help, you know, using your. . .” Ava waved her fingers in front of her forehead.

“My. . .” Jacob waved his fingers in front of his forehead, mimicking Ava, “. . . is all yours.”

“We’re okay, Jake,” Alex said, standing up from the tomato plant. “Finn and my sister, Helene, will be here in a few minutes. They can help me.”

“You’re sure?” Jacob asked.

“Jake, I can call and have a dozen burly guys and gals here,” Alex said with a grin. “They’re not here because I thought that so many people will get in the way. People are no problem.”

“Thanks, that’s very generous,” Jacob said.

“This is not generosity,” Alex said. “It’s delightful to spend a day harvesting and hanging out with friends.”

Jacob gave her a nod. Standing up, he wiped his hands on his jeans.

“I’m all yours,” Jacob looked at his hands. “I should clean up.”

“Sure,” Ava said. “Would you mind if I call the Crime Scene Unit? Bring my team into the building?”

“Of course,” Jacob said.

“I need you to sign the form,” Ava said.

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