Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-eight - ... the Evil Wizard ... (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-eight - ... the Evil Wizard ... (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-eight - ... the Evil Wizard ... (part two)


(part two)

“I. . .” the young woman said.

“I know,” Delphie said. “Would you like me to tell Ferguson?”

The young woman nodded. Delphie walked her out to the kitchen. Joan was chopping tomatoes with Samantha. Valerie was putting together a new pot of tomatoes.

“I brought you some help,” Delphie said.

“Great!” Valerie said at the same time Joan said, “Welcome!”

“Val’s the head of the kitchen during Harvest Week,” Delphie said. “She’ll find you something to do.”

The young woman nodded. Delphie gave her a kind smile and left to return to the hallway. When she got back to the hallway, she found Ferguson waiting for her.

“Where’s my technician?” Ferguson asked in an accusing tone.

“She’s a little overwhelmed,” Delphie said. She looked up at the burly man. “You know that her mother was killed here.”

Ferguson groaned.

“You forgot?” Delphie asked.

“I forgot,” Ferguson said. “We talked about it before she came here. I asked her if she wanted to come because it was her mother’s case! Then, I forgot.”

“She’s okay,” Delphie said. “She’s a huge fan of Valerie’s. You know, Val.”

Ferguson nodded.

“She’ll take care of everything,” Delphie said.

“Should I go check. . .?” Ferguson asked.

“Yes,” Delphie said. “But get back here or you’ll miss the show.”

“Show?” Ferguson asked.

“Jake was never able to get rid of all those ghosts,” Delphie said, rubbing her hands together. “It’s going to be fun.”

Ferguson gave her a vague nod and left the hallway to check on his technician. Delphie waited for him to return before heading down the hallway.

“Hey,” Nelson called to Ferguson from the turn in the hallway. “Do you have the crime scene photos? It looks like no one’s done anything to this area after the incident. It’s not even cleaned up.”

“Yes,” Ferguson said. “It’s on the tablets. Didn’t the technician show you?”

Nelson rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Ah, yes,” Ferguson said. He took a few long steps to where Nelson was standing. “Let’s show him how his tablet works.”

Grinning, Nelson let Ferguson pass. He looked at Delphie.

“You look happy,” Nelson said.

“I knew this day would come,” Delphie said. “It’s like a little present.”

“Even on Harvest Day?” Nelson asked.

“Even on Harvest Day,” Delphie said.

Nelson put his arm over Delphie’s shoulder, and they walked to the apartment. Delphie glanced at him and then went inside. Leslie and Fran were standing with their back against the wall. Ava was wandering from place to place in the apartment. Bob was standing in place, staring at the blood spatter on the ceiling. The young technician was standing in the middle of the room with his head down poking around his tablet.

Everyone stopped moving when Ferguson stood in the doorway.

“What the. . .” Ferguson looked around the room. “This is the crime scene.”

“Great blood spatter here,” Bob said. His nickname at the FBI was “Blood Spatter Bob.”

“Did you just close this up?” Ferguson asked Jacob.

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