Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-eight - ... the Evil Wizard ... (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-eight - ... the Evil Wizard ... (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-eight - ... the Evil Wizard ... (part four)


(part four)

“Doesn’t seem like anyone knows,” Delphie said. “Maybe it’s something that happened that no one thought was a big deal until the person started shooting.”

Ferguson threw down an incident cone in the doorway. Bob nodded and took a step into the room.

“I think that the door was broken previously,” Jacob said.

“Before this party,” Delphie said. “Do you think that’s how they got into this apartment?”

“Oh,” Jacob said with a nod. “Maybe.”

Turning to Ferguson, he said, “These apartments weren’t a part of the house then. This hallway was outside. The side across the hallway was another set of rooms. The doors opened to each other.”

“What’s happening there now?” Ferguson asked.

“I made them into rooms,” Jacob said. “One is an apartment that Tanesha’s family lives in. The rest went into the kitchen. The space where the table sits now and all of that space behind it belonged to those apartments.”

“You’re saying that these young people could have come to this apartment to party because it was open,” Ava said with a nod. “Because someone had previously kicked in the doorway.”

“That makes sense, too,” Fran said. “Part of the problem they had with this case was that no one was supposed to be here. The apartment wasn’t occupied at the time. The tenant had moved out a week before. The landlord had no idea who might have been here. They never identified three of the people. And none of them were connected to this place. So you’re right. They probably just came here to party because it was open.”

“It doesn’t mean that they didn’t live here,” Ferguson said. “They could have lived across the hallway.”

“Just a sec’,” Jacob said. “Okay, the female ghost — she’s standing next to Bob — she said that she lived across the hall. She said that she saw this apartment was open. When her friends called to invite her to party, she suggested this apartment. She didn’t want them in her apartment because her daughter was there. Her mother came to watch her daughter. She didn’t want to go far because the child had been sick.”

Jacob paused for a moment. He nodded.

“Her daughter is that girl in the kitchen,” Jacob said. “This ghost wants to be released from this apartment so that she can see her daughter.”

“But let her come back,” Delphie said. She touched Jacob’s arm. “Imagine how you’d feel if it were Katy.”

Jacob nodded.

“Close your eyes,” Jacob said.

“She’s been stuck here so long that there’s bound to be a burst of light when Jacob releases her,” Delphie said.

When everyone’s eyes were close, Jacob did something that sound like he’d clapped his hands.

“Okay,” Jacob said. “You can open your eyes. She’s gone.”

“Robert?” Ferguson said. “You’re on again.”

“Leslie?” Bob asked.

Leslie was in the closet next to the door.

“What do you see in the closet?” Bob asked.

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