Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-two - Turned to stone (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-two - Turned to stone

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-two - Turned to stone (part five)


(part five)

He went to the door to find. . .

“What the hell?” Nelson asked.

He was looking at a stone sword. He tried to pick up the sword but it was too heavy for him. He dropped to a crouch to look at the hilt of the stone sword. As if the sword had been made from steel, there were tooling marks from a forge.

Then he noticed.

This was his sword — the one his father had made for him, the very one he’d held in his hand in his dream.

A wave of panic went through him. He pushed, pulled, and dragged the sword away from the door.

Finally able to open his door, he went to find Heather. She was standing in the hallway outside his room. He nodded to her and gestured for her to enter his room. She followed him inside.

“What’s this?” Nelson asked, gesturing to the sword.

“You’ve met a gorgon,” Heather said with a nod.

Not knowing where to start, Nelson just looked at Heather. She picked up his hand to look at the ring. She raised her eyebrows and let his hand drop.

“We have much to discuss,” Heather said. “Do you have time this morning?”

“No,” Nelson said. “I have to be at work and. . .”

Heather nodded.

“Why don’t you tell me what you need to know?” Heather asked, softly and kindly.

“What are those things?” Nelson asked. He waved his hand over his head. “Snakes. Live snakes.”

He shivered with the terror he’d been too numb to feel when he was in the dream.

“It’s a species of humanoid,” Heather said. “Ancient. Powerful. There are only a few left. The stories talk of three sisters. Gorgons. But there are more than just those three.”

“Are they snakes?” Nelson asked.

“Sort of,” Heather said. “Not actual snakes like we know of now. But snake-like. They have terrible magic, the gorgons. They can turn everything to. . .”

“Stone,” Nelson whispered. “You, too?”

“No, not me,” Heather said. “I know of them, but they’re much older than my kin. If we want to know more about them, we should ask Perses or Hecate.”

Nelson nodded.

“Abi was there,” Nelson said. “The gorgon near me said it wasn’t Abi. That the person we knew was a projection of the actual earth mother. Is that true?”

“It’s a good way of putting it,” Heather said with a smile. “You were lucky to have Abi intervene with the gorgons. They are not. . . reliable.”

“So they said,” Nelson said. “What is this?”

Nelson gestured to the ring.

“I don’t actually know,” Heather said. “Where did you get it?”

“I was standing in a field of muck and blood from dead and dying men,” Nelson said. “Those fighting were turned to stone by the gorgon. That’s after I rescued three women from the flames.”

“Who gave this to you?” Heather asked.

“Abi,” Nelson said. “Or the not Abi.”

Heather nodded.

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