Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-three - Compassion (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-three - Compassion

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty-three - Compassion (part five)


(part five)

The woman smiled at Jeraine and held out her hand.

“Helen,” she said. “I’m delighted to meet you, Jeraine. Your shows have been real life savers for us. We dance and laugh and. . .”

“Make a lot of money,” the casino owner said.

Helen rolled her eyes at her husband. Jeraine remembered that the casino owner’s name was Matt. Proud of himself for remembering, he smiled.

“That’s more like it,” Helen said.

Jeraine closed his eyes for the briefest of moments. When he opened them, Gando Peaches and Hecate had appeared. Gando was wearing ceremonial Navajo wear — a simple velvet maroon top and pants with turquoise and silver conch belt, earrings and a long turquoise necklace. Hecate wore a fawn leather dress with extensive turquois blue and green beading on the front. They looked like Native American royalty.

“Hey, that’s pretty obvious,” Jammy said to Hecate. He smiled to temper his criticism. “There are cameras everywhere.”

“Huh,” Hecate said.

A moment later three cameras began to smoke. Shaking his head, Jammy grinned at her.

“You must be Hecate,” Leslie, Seth’s daughter and Jammy’s wife, said as she approached. “My father has told me so much about you.”

“Leslie! Nice to meet you,” Hecate said. “May I introduce my beloved, Gando Peaches?”

Gando nodded to Leslie and gave her a big smile. He wasn’t sure if it was some Hecate magic or just time, but Jeraine’s brain shifted into gear. Jeraine took Jabari from Jammy. He hugged the boy tight and set him down.

“We should head inside,” Jammy said.

Jeraine held out his hand, and Jabari clung onto it. Gando Peaches took the child’s other hand.

“How are you feeling?” Jeraine asked Gando.

“Good,” Gando said with a grin. “So much better than I was. I’m so grateful for everyone’s help with me and with our people. They are suffering so much.”

“Sorry, man,” Jeraine said.

“That fundraiser you did for us really helped,” Gando said. He looked at Matt, the casino owner. “I appreciate all you did for us.”

“Happy to do it,” Matt said.

Gando nodded in answer.

Just then, two women wearing absurdly tight dresses that were so short that they barely covered their crotch came up to them. The men around Jeraine shifted.

“Hi Jeraine,” the women said in near unison. “You’re looking hot today.”

They made kiss lips and leaned against each other.

“Ladies,” Jeraine said with a nod.

He walked around the women and toward the chairs for the celebration. Folding chairs were set up six feet away from each other on the wide open lawn behind Annette’s mansion. They were in the aisle when Jeraine’s old “possy” including his ex-agent came up.

“Jer!” the agent said.

The agent reached out his hand to shake Jeraine’s hand in their usual, familiar way. The agent’s hair was slicked back in a kind of smooth wave. His clothing was immaculate. The entire group reeked of weed and overpriced designer cologne. Jeraine just looked at the man’s hand.

“Hey, don’t be like that,” the agent said.

“We’re here to celebrate someone very important to my son,” Jeraine said what he’d practiced with Tanesha that morning. “And a woman I loved. I don’t have space for anything else. Have some compassion for the grieving.”

With Jeraine and Jabari in the lead, Leslie, Helen, and Gando followed leaving Jammy and Hecate to deal with the group.

“Is there something I might help you with?” Jammy asked.

“I don’ need no Jew-white-boy,” the agent said with a sniff.

Hecate hissed at the man. The man’s hair sprung up from its slicked down position to become an inch long afro.

“Have some self-respect,” Hecate said and turned in place.

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