Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part two)


(part two)

“Where’s Nelson?” Tanesha asked. “Heather?”

“Nelson has his run with John Drayson this morning,” Tres said, handing her a cup of coffee.

“Heather’s meeting about that Templar adventure,” Blane said. “Alex Hargreaves thinks that she’s found the hoard. Hecate and the rest are in town.”

“I met someone named ‘Hestia’ yesterday?” Jeraine looked up to see if anyone had met her.

“She’s a niece of Jill’s father,” Tanesha said.

“You’ve met her before?” Jeraine asked.

“Know my Greek Gods,” Tanesha said with a laugh. “She’s the goddess of hearth and home, I believe.”

No one said anything for a long moment.

“Did you guys forget Mack and Wyn?” Tanesha asked.

“They are sleeping,” Blane said, holding up the baby monitor. “I thought I’d go up and get them when I’d finished breakfast.”

“I’ll go,” Tres said.

Tres got up and went back upstairs.

“How was the concert?” Blane asked.

“Last night?” Jeraine asked. “Good. Actually, really good. Last night, we had. . .”

Jeraine named a famous female singer.

“She told me that the only reason she left the house was because she wanted to see the ballroom,” Jeraine said. “Her manager wants her to do a holiday concert to go with the new album. He ‘seduced’ — her word — her into coming by talking about Miss. T and her work at the hospital.”

“Really?” Tanesha asked.

“She said that she was not leaving the house,” Jeraine said. “Anyway, it looks like she’ll be filming a special in the ballroom. The casino is willing to do the tickets, let her use their equipment, and even edit the final product for an inflated cut. She wanted to know what we would need for her to use it.”

“What does that mean?” Blane asked.

“I don’t know,” Jeraine said. “I’m meeting with Jammy to talk about it.”

Tres came down stairs holding Wyn and nudging Mack along. Still sleepy, Mack climbed onto a chair next to Jabari. The two boys gave each other a groggy greeting. Tres set Wyn down in the high chair.

Blane set down a bowls of yogurt and fruit in front of Jabari and Mack. Tres took the last bowl and went to help Wyn eat. Wyn could feed himself, but he struggled in the mornings.

A few minutes later, the toaster rang. Tanesha got up to help butter the toast. Blane finished the bacon and eggs. The adults were on a high protein day so they had a high fiber crunchy piece of toast with bacon and eggs.

When breakfast was made, Blane disappeared to finish getting ready. The rest of them ate their breakfasts. Blane appeared a few minutes later. Tres grabbed Wyn, now coated in a thin layer of yogurt, and went back upstairs.

By the time Tres returned with Wyn, everyone was ready to head to the Castle. Jeraine picked up Jabari. Blane picked up Mack and Tres carried Wyn across the street. They passed a small crowd of paparazzi now stationed six feet apart from each other.

Once inside, the children went up to the loft for an early morning story time. Tanesha got Fin and they left for the hospital. Jeraine found Jammy sitting on the back deck, reading email on his cellphone.

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