Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part three)


(part three)

After dropping Mack and Wyn in the loft, Tres headed out for a day of checking in with his elderly parents and older siblings. As the youngest child of twelve, Tres’s older siblings were well into their 70s. They and his parents were isolated and at risk for the virus. Tres checked in with them once a week to make sure they had food, masks, and were well.

Blane went to the medical offices. Over the last few months, the offices had gradually transformed into his dream offices. It had taken him a while to accept that this wonderful space belonged to him. One weekend, a month ago, when he had traveled to see patients in the San Luis valley, Jill had transformed the sterile, ugly space into a warm, inviting, even healing place.

Jill had even an easy wipe down system for cleaning the rooms between patients and UV lights overnight. Since he now had two treatment rooms, he could wipe down the room and set the lights between people.

Blane loved going to work.

Today, he had private patients in the morning and a community outdoor clinic in the afternoon. La Tonya, Jeraine’s older sister, had proven to be an invaluable assistant. At some point, she would likely get back to being a medical doctor. In the meantime, he had the flexibility she needed to get her life and her family back on track.

Blane lit the candles in the office and went to open the door. His first patient was waiting for him on a bench on the deck.

“Good morning, Dr. Lipson,” the woman said.

“How are you feeling?” Blane asked.

And his work day began. Jill was his 11 o’clock patient.

“How are you?” Blane asked.

“Oh,” Jill said. “Mostly I’m tired.”

“I can tell,” Blane said, setting her wrists down from taking her Chinese medicine pulses.

While Blane stuck needles in her body, Jill contemplated her life now.

She had been living the same day on repeat for months now. She woke up when Jacob got up. When he left for work at Lipson or to one of their remodel projects, she woke up the boys and Katy.

Then she spent a wonderful, sometimes frustrating, perfect hour or so with her children.

It was something that she never would have dreamed of being able to do when she just had Katy. It was something she couldn’t have dreamed of doing even at the beginning of the year. Yet here she was, day after day, spending this time with her own children.

Time. She had the luxury of time, now.

Since her mother had faked her death in Costa Rica, Jill had never had time. She had rushed from work to school and school to work. For more of Katy’s early life, she’d slept only four hours so that she could work as much as possible. She was even back at work only days after Katy was born.

She’d never spent time at home hanging out with her own children.

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