Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-eight - Back to school (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-eight - Back to school (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-eight - Back to school (part four)


(part four)

“I don’t know what you just did but I’m guessing it wasn’t very nice,” Sandy said.

The child stared at Sandy for a long minute. Sandy got up and closed the door.

“What’s this about?” Sandy said. “I’ve known you since before you were born. This is so unlike you.”

Katy began to sob. She told Sandy something about how busy and worried Jill was and how she was trying to help and she thought that she could do it and she hated being a baby and. . . On and on the child went. As Katy talked, Sandy gently nudged her in the direction of her bathroom. Katy was weeping and talking when Sandy took off her uniform and panties.

Katy stopped talking when the water from the shower hit her face.

“It’s the fastest way,” Sandy said. “Plus, you won’t look like you’ve been crying.”

“Everything okay in there?” Jacob said as he stuck his head into the bathroom.

“We’re fine,” Sandy said. “Could you get Katy’s other uniform out? This one is a little rumpled.”

“Got it,” Jacob said, disappearing.

“You have to let me,” Sandy said.

Katy let Sandy wash her hair. Sandy put in some of the thick, fancy conditioner that she’d given Katy for monthly treatments. Of course, the bottle had never been used. Sandy slathered the conditioner on Katy’s hair and got the wide toothed comb out from the cabinet. While Katy sat on the edge of the tub, Sandy worked a comb through all of the knots. The conditioner combined with the heat and moisture from the shower and Sandy’s skill help to loosen up the mess.

“I’m going to rinse this out,” Sandy said. “You wash up. Give yourself a good scrub. I can tell you’ve been slacking over the time at home.”

Sandy put a washcloth in Katy’s hands. While Sandy rinsed out Katy’s hair, Katy soaped and scrubbed herself. After rinsing her off, Sandy pulled Katy out of the shower and started drying Katy’s hair.

Jacob came in with the clean and pressed uniform as well as some underwear.

“Get dressed while I dry your hair,” Sandy said.

Katy pulled on her underwear and Sandy worked to get the child’s hair dry.

“I’m going to put it up,” Sandy said. “It’s a little greasy.”

When Sandy finished Katy’s bun, they went out into the room so that Sandy could help Katy get dressed. Something bounced off the door to Katy’s room.

“What was that?” Sandy asked.

“The boys don’t want to go to school,” Katy said with a sigh. “That’s why I was trying to help.”

“You are a sweet girl,” Sandy said. “Let’s finish up here and go help with those crazy boys.”

Katy turned in place and hugged Sandy.

“I’m sorry,” Katy said.

“You should apologize to your mom,” Sandy said in a mild rebuke. “Not me.”

“I will,” Katy said. “I just. . . I really needed your help and you were here.”

“Always.” Sandy smiled and kissed Katy’s cheek.

“Thanks,” Katy said. “Are you really immune to magic?”

Sandy nodded.

“Why?” Katy asked.

“Heather worried that, with all of these goddesses around, I would be vulnerable to them,” Sandy said. “I’m human so not that interesting. Your mom is a healer and is highly respected. Tanesha is the granddaughter of an archangel.”

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