Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-eight - Back to school (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-eight - Back to school (part six)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-eight - Back to school (part five)


(part five)

“Kinda scary,” Katy said.

Sandy nodded.

Something else pounded on the door.

“We’d better go help,” Sandy said.

“Don’t worry,” Katy winked at Sandy.

Katy hopped up off the bed and went out into the open space of the lobby.

“Enough!” Katy said.

The boys stopped in place. Everything the boys had put into the air hung there for a moment before quietly dropping to the floor.

Katy pointed to the twins.

“Go get dressed,” Katy said.

The boys went into their room. Jacob slipped into the room after the twins. Jill came over to Katy.

“I’m sorry, Mommy,” Katy said.

Tears welling in her eyes, Jill hugged her daughter and looked up to Sandy.

“Thank you,” Jill mouthed to Sandy.

Sandy nodded and pointed to the door.

“Why don’t we go to breakfast?” Jill asked. “Daddy can take the boys.”

“Okay, Mommy,” Katy said.

Katy held out her hand to Jill and another to Sandy. They went down the stairs, through the kitchen and toward the dining room. Tanesha and Jabari came in from across the street.

“Why don’t you go ahead?” Jill asked.

“Okay,” Katy said.

Katy hugged Tanesha.

“Good luck today,” Tanesha said.

“You, too,” Katy said.

Katy skipped into the dining room.

Tanesha hugged Sandy and then Jill.

“How are you?” Sandy asked Tanesha.

“Okay,” Tanesha said. “A little overwhelmed. You two look like you’ve been through the wars.”

Jacob came past with the twins. He nodded to the women and continued on.

“Katy did her own hair this morning,” Jill said, softly.

Tanesha gave a rueful shake of her head.

“Noelle’s anxious about school,” Sandy said in the same soft voice.

“Crazy day,” Tanesha said. “Crazy day.”

Sandy and Jill nodded.

“Where’s Heather?” Jill asked.

“She’s in the dining room,” Tanesha said. “Keeping everything and everyone moving.”

“Are you ready for school?” Tanesha asked Jill.

Jill shook her head and then shrugged.

“You’ve got this,” Sandy said.

“I hope so,” Jill said. “We’re starting online. They want to move to in person, but not for now. So, we’ll see.”

Jill sighed.

“I’m not ready,” Honey said in a whine as she rolled toward them in her wheelchair.

Sandy, Jill, and Tanesha nodded.

“Are you online?” Jill asked.

Honey nodded.

“Well, at least we’ll be here,” Honey said.

Looking worried, Jill nodded. Tanesha put her arm around Sandy and Jill and they went into the dining room to join Heather in moving things along. For the briefest moment, when the kids were getting their backpacks, the women sat together in silence.

“Here we go,” Sandy said, pushing herself to standing.

She turned to look at Tanesha, Jill, and Honey.

“Good luck today,” Sandy said. “Heather and I are doing pick up. Do your school. Don’t worry about the kids.”

Heather got up and left the room with Sandy. Tanesha sighed. Standing, she looked at the ceiling.

“Fin,” Tanesha said.

Prince Finegal of Queen Fand’s realm, her grandfather, appeared out of nowhere.

“We need to get to school,” Tanesha said.

Fin gave her a nod and they left the room. Sandy sat with Jill while she slowly sipped her coffee.

“Come on,” Sandy said.

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