Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty - Is it only Tuesday? (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty - Is it only Tuesday? (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Fifty - Is it only Tuesday? (part two)


(part two)

Jill stuck her head in the apartment.

“Would you mind putting Katy’s hair up again?” Jill asked. “She said that it’s too hot to have it down.”

“Not a problem,” Sandy said.

“Do you think it’s time to c-u-t it?” Jill asked.

“No!” Katy said, stubbornly.

“For this morning?” Sandy snorted. “I think we just muddle through.”

Sandy held out the cup of coffee to Jill, who swallowed it down.

“Thanks,” Jill said. “I need to get back.”

Sandy nodded.

“Come on, Katy,” Sandy said. “Let’s see about your hair.”

“Can I have some animal pancakes, too?” Katy asked.

“Of course,” Sandy said. As they past the kitchen, Sandy leaned into say, “Katy’s here too.”

“Got it,” Charlie said from his position at the grill.

The deafening sound of a hair dryer came from Noelle’s room. Sandy ushered Katy into her bedroom.

“Mommy and I washed my hair last night,” Katy said. “I like how soft it is after the conditioner.”

Katy petted her hair while Sandy grinned at the adorable child.

“I’m glad you didn’t brush it today,” Sandy said.

“Don’t tell Mommy, but me too,” Katy said with a grin.

“Are the boys less crazy today?” Sandy asked.

“They are excited to play with their friends,” Katy said. “They are being good.”

Sandy’s attention was on Katy’s hair so she didn’t respond.

“Who knew they had friends?” Katy sniggered.

Sandy smiled at Katy’s back.

“I’m glad it’s going better,” Sandy said. “We’re all pretty grumpy here this morning.”

“How come?” Katy asked.

“Stayed up too late,” Sandy said. “First day of school is fun, but the second day is a chore.”

Katy nodded.

“Mommy made us go to bed extra early,” Katy said. “I was really tired so I made the boys tired.”

“Your mommy is a smart cookie,” Sandy said.

Katy giggled.

“My mommy is no kind of cookie,” Katy said brightly.

Sandy kissed the top of Katy’s hair.

“You’re all set,” Sandy said.

Katy spun in place to give Sandy a big hug. The little girl ran out of the room and went to the kitchen.

“Do you still have time for me?” Noelle asked, her voice teary.

“Always,” Sandy said.

“Good,” Noelle said.

Noelle went to stand with her back to Sandy.

“Katy said that it’s hot at the school,” Sandy said. “Do you want curls? It’s long enough now that I can put it up in a cute way.”

“Yes, put it up,” Noelle said. “But we have PE today. We’re going to learn a game called ‘La Crosse.’”

“I’ll make sure it stays up,” Sandy said.

“Good,” Noelle said.

Quickly and efficiently, Sandy put Noelle’s hair in a chignon.

“Stay there,” Sandy said.

Sandy went into her bathroom for hairspray. When she returned, Noelle was putting on some colored lip gloss in the full length mirror.

“How is it to have Teddy home?” Sandy asked.

Noelle responded with a wide smile.

“Good,” Sandy said. “Close your eyes.”

Sandy sprayed the hairspray until she was sure that Noelle’s hair wasn’t going to move today.

“You look very beautiful,” Sandy said. “Come on, we just have time for some pancakes.”

Noelle gave Sandy a beautiful straight toothed smile. Together, they went out to the table where the boys and Katy were already eating. Finally awake, everyone laughed their way through breakfast.

Sandy stood at the door and said good-bye to each of them. Sighing to herself, she got on with her busy day.

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