Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-two - Covid is a family problem (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-three - Neighbors (part one)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-two - Covid is a family problem (part six)


(part six)

“What’s that?” Delphie asked.

“A vaccine?” Tanesha asked.

“No, I have had all of my vaccines,” Delphie said. “I’m on the Lipson Construction insurance. They send out a nurse to all of the sites. Sam has them stop here so that we all get our vaccines. The spouses who don’t work at Lipson come by here too. It’s kind of a party.”

Tanesha nodded. She’d been to one of these vaccine parties.

“Is this ‘trial’ like that?” Delphie asked. “Does it have a judge? They don’t like me too much.”

“Judges?” Tanesha asked.

“I know too much about them,” Delphie said.

“I bet,” Tanesha said. “This would be a chance to try out the Covid-19 vaccines.”

“Oh,” Delphie said.

“I was asked by my supervisor,” Tanesha said. “He asked if I knew anyone who’d had a stroke.”

“You haven’t had a stroke,” Delphie said.

“Yes, but I am brown,” Tanesha said.

Scowling, Delphie nodded.

“I’m not brown,” Delphie said. She raised her forearm. Seeing Tanesha’s scowl, Delphie asked, “What are you saying? You have to be really plain because I don’t know anything about science.”

“I’m saying this — people who’ve had strokes are getting really sick with this stupid virus,” Tanesha said. “If you can try out the vaccine, they will be able to see if it helps people like you.”

“Oh,” Delphie said. “I want to help.”

“I knew you did,” Tanesha said.

“We should ask Jake too,” Delphie said.

Jacob appeared in the kitchen.

“What are we asking me?” Jacob asked.

“If you’d be a part of a vaccine trial,” Tanesha said.

“You don’t have any immunity because of your new body,” Delphie said.

“You don’t have to convince me,” Jacob said. “Sign me up. In fact, sign Blane up too.”

“What are you signing me up for?” Blane asked as he turned into the kitchen.

“Vaccine trial,” Jacob said.

“I’m in,” Blane said.

“Where do we go?” Jacob asked.

Tanesha grinned.

“What?” Blane asked.

“We’ve been having a tough time finding people,” Tanesha said. “It’s great that you guys want to help.”

“If you need people, I bet everyone here would sign up,” Delphie said. “Maybe Val can do one of those public service things.”

“Or Jer,” Tanesha said.

“What am I doing?” Jeraine asked as he came out of the stairwell to the ballroom. Seth O’Malley and Bumpy Wilson followed behind him.

“Vaccine trial,” Tanesha said.

“I’m in,” Bumpy said. “You need more bodies?”

“It’s not my study, but sure,” Tanesha said.

“You can count on Dionne and your parents.” Bumpy nodded. “Those boys out on your dad’s ranch.”

“I’m in,” Seth said. “Ava and her team will join too.”

Tanesha grinned.

“This is really great,” Tanesha said. “I’ll have them call you.”

Bumpy and Seth said their goodbyes and went home. Blane left, and Jacob went upstairs. Jeraine went to check on Jabari. Soon, it was Delphie and Tanesha again.

“You were going to call Fin?” Delphie asked.

“Fin,” Tanesha said to the air. “My gran’s dying. . . Can you send her partner to see her to say goodbye?”

The elderly fairy appeared in the kitchen.

“Hello, Ladies,” the fairy said.

She held out her arms and hugged Tanesha tight.

“Gran’s in the hospice wing of the assisted living facility,” Tanesha said.

The fairy nodded and disappeared.

“I guess that’s that,” Delphie said.

Tanesha grinned at the woman. Impulsively, Tanesha leaned over to kiss Delphie’s cheek.

“What’s that for?” Delphie asked.

“You’re the heart of this family,” Tanesha said.

“I like that,” Delphie said.

“Come on, Jer,” Tanesha said.

Jeraine coming back from check in on Jabari.

“Let’s go home,” Tanesha said.

Jeraine and Tanesha walked hand-in-hand out of the Castle. Delphie sat at the table for another moment before turning off the lights and going to bed.

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