Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-three - Neighbors (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-three - Neighbors (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-three - Neighbors (part three)


(part three)

“Would you mind very much if I went with you now?” Ginny asked. “I’m very cold.”

“Of course,” Nash said. “But you have to wear a facemask.”

With Noelle’s help, the woman tied on a face mask. Nash held out his elbow. Together, Nash, Noelle, and Ginny made slow progress down Ginny’s walk and to the sidewalk.

“Is anyone else in your house?” Noelle asked.

“Not anymore,” Ginny said. “My grankids used to come over every afternoon, but since this thing, I. . .”

Ginny sighed.

“I haven’t seen anyone in at least a month,” Ginny said. She patted Nash’s hand. “I really appreciate the help.”

Nash stood a little taller. Noelle ran ahead to open the metal gate. Sandy led them along the sidewalk, past the paparazzi, and into the Castle grounds.

“Why are they always here?” Ginny asked.

“Valerie Lipson lives with us,” Noelle said.

“Of course she does,” Ginny said.

They got halfway down the driveway when Sam came out of the house.

“Ginny?” Sam asked.

Seeing Sam, Ginny seemed to brighten a bit.

“Sam,” Ginny said. “These kids said it would be okay if I came over.”

“She doesn’t have heat or food,” Noelle said.

“Please,” Sam said, taking Ginny’s other side.

“We’re going around the back because she said she’d like to see Blane,” Noelle said.

“He’ll be delighted,” Sam said. “Now, I had the Covid, so we have to go slow.”

“That’s okay, Big Sam,” Ginny said. “I can’t go very fast anymore either.”

They shuffled along until they got around the house.

“Can I really listen to music in the old speakeasy?” Ginny asked.

“Absolutely,” Sam said. “But let’s get you warm, fed, and stuck with needles first.”

Ginny gave Nash and Noelle a genuine smile.

“Thank you, children,” Ginny said.

Nash and Noelle left Ginny at the edge of the deck. They watched while Sam and Ginny headed up to Blane’s new offices in the medical suite. Sandy caught up with Nash and Noelle.

“Ready to visit someone else?” Sandy asked.

“How did Charlie and Tink do?” Noelle asked.

“Ivy and Teddy?” Nash asked.

“They are still out there,” Sandy said. “Let’s grab another stack of masks and try another door.”

Nodding, Noelle and Nash followed Sandy to the stack of masks and back out to the neighborhood.

“That was really good,” Noelle said with a smile.

“Ginny?” Sandy asked.

Noelle nodded.

“It was good,” Sandy said.

Grinning, they continued down the sidewalk to check on the next neighbor.

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