Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-six - On the Cherry Creek Trail (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-six - On the Cherry Creek Trail (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-six - On the Cherry Creek Trail (part two)


(part two)

“Where’s John?” Nelson asked in a flurry of words as he coming to a stop. “Is he sick? Is he okay? What’s happened?”

“He’s okay,” Alex said.

“You’re sure?” Nelson asked.

“I’d never lie about something like that,” Alex said. “Shall we?”

Alex started running and Nelson joined her. While Alex wasn’t as fast as John, they kept a good, even pace.

“You’re hip does well,” Nelson said.

“Mostly,” Alex said. “I’m due for another tune up where they scrape the socket. Turns out the flame retardant crap in my pants is in the bone I built.”

“Yuck,” Nelson said.

“It was new technology,” Alex said. “I was damned lucky to get it. So I don’t complain — too much. I have to do it every five years or so. It’ll happen either the end of this year or next. There’s no real rush.”

“You’re moving well,” Nelson said. “I guess it just surprises me.”

“You’ve seen my chart?” Alex asked.

“You came in once when I was working the ER,” Nelson said. “I’ve known Max for a while and. . . Well, it’s amazing that you’re doing so well.”

“I’ve had really great doctors,” Alex said with a soft smile.

Uncomfortable with her words, Nelson fell silent. They ran in silence for a while.

“How’s the new house?” Alex asked.

“It’s really great,” Nelson said. “I was just thinking that the ‘newness’ had dimmed. But I’ll tell you — I always feel happy when I open the door, even if no one is home. It’s just like ‘Ahh.’”

“Kind of ‘This is my life and it’s good,’” Alex said, nodding.

“Exactly,” Nelson said. “I feel lucky, blessed even.”

“I’m glad.” Alex grinned at him.

“Where’s John?” Nelson asked.

“Oh, sorry,” Alex said. “I didn’t say? He went fishing with Max. They’re taking these last warm days before fall sets in to the high country. Wyatt and I will bring the kids up later this week.”

“He didn’t say anything when I saw him last,” Nelson said.

“It came up quickly,” Alex said. “The ICU is down in numbers for a minute. They decided to give people some time off. They did it by hours worked which put John at the head of the list. You know, he was basically there day and night when this thing started. I was gone and the kids were with his siblings. He just worked.”

“Incredible,” Nelson said.

“So many people have made so many sacrifices,” Alex said.

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