Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-six - On the Cherry Creek Trail (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-six - On the Cherry Creek Trail (part six)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-six - On the Cherry Creek Trail (part five)


(part five)

“I don’t know that I will be able to go with you, but I will bless your journey,” Hestia said.

With her index finger pointed, Hestia held a hand up to the heavens. The clouds themselves seemed to bend down to her hand. She reached and touched Nelson’s forehead.

“Whoa,” Nelson said.

He weaved with the power of the blessing. She gave him a nod and disappeared.

“You were given a rare gift,” Heather said.

“Why did she go?” Nelson said.

“She does that,” Hecate said, appearing from thin air. “You have to remember that in her day there weren’t very many humans.”

“We interact with each other like that,” Heather said.

Nelson nodded. He looked up to see a dark skinned human woman wearing a face mask sitting at the table.

“You’re not a god,” Nelson said, mostly to himself.

“I’m not,” the woman said. She stood up and walked to him. “I’m Captain Josie Glover-Carmichael.”

“Leena’s wife,” Alex said. “She’s a Captain in the Coast Guard.”

“I had Covid,” Josie said with a slight nod. “I was on a ventilator, nearly died. When the LC asked Leena about me. . .”

Josie sucked in a breath.

“I want to live,” Josie said with a nod. “Big. I can lead a crew. Sail any craft.”

“I. . .” Nelson started.

“You’re the Grandmaster of the Templars?” Josie asked.

Nelson gave her a curt nod.

“I’m in,” Josie said.

“I work for Ava O’Malley,” Nelson said. “She was at your wedding.”

“Her husband played for us.” Josie’s hand went to her heart. “It was magical.”

“It really was,” Alex said.

“It’s nice to meet you,” Nelson said. He looked at Alex. “Why do we need a Captain?”

“Your hoard is in the sea,” Alex said with a nod.

Nelson’s eyes flicked from Alex to Athena to Hecate and finally looked at Heather.

“Alex believes that she found it,” Heather said.

“I need you to take a look,” Alex said. “According to Athena, you will know the truth of it.”

“Or you should,” Athena said.

“Show me,” Nelson said.

Alex nodded in the general direction of the table. Expecting paper maps or something reasonable, Nelson went to the table to look. There was nothing there.

A truck squealed into the parking lot. A large bodybuilder flew out of the passenger seat. He trotted over with more speed than Nelson could have imagined.

“Did I miss it?” the man asked.

“This is Chris,” Alex said with a gesture to the man.

He stopped short in front of Nelson and held out his hand.

“Captain Chris Blanco,” the man said. “Most people call me ‘White Boy,’ but you can call me ‘Chris.’”

Nelson looked the man up and down. His name fit the man. He was possibly the whitest looking man Nelson had ever seen.

“Are you really a Templar?” Chris asked in French. “Grandmaster and everything?”

“Oui,” Nelson said.

“Cool,” Chris said.

“Did you bring it?” Alex asked.

“Yep,” Chris said.

Chris’s chest and back were so large that Nelson hadn’t noticed a messenger bag over his shoulder. Chris went to the table.

“Ladies,” Chris said. “Oh sorry, you’re probably not ladies. Alex said. . .”

Chris’s pale eyes showed his pupils grow large as he became flustered.

“It’s okay,” Nelson said. He put his hand on Chris’s arm. “They scare the crap out of me too.”

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