Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-six - On the Cherry Creek Trail
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-seven - How is everyone? (part one)


(part one)

Saturday morning — 5:30 a.m.

Tanesha’s alarm went off at five. She awakened Jeraine with a kiss on his cheek. He stroked her face, and she got out of bed. After using the bathroom, her socked feet slid across their beautiful floors to Jabari’s room. Of course, the boy was awake when she entered the room. She helped him through his bathroom routine and then brought the child back to bed with Jeraine where they could snuggle for a bit.

She showered in their plush shower in the master bedroom. Her hair was very short now, so she just let the water wash through her tight curls. As her hands moved to clean her body, her mind wandered.

Cases of that Covid virus were down, overall. They’d had an increase in cases in early August from people spreading the virus to friends and family at their Fourth of July holiday parties. But cases went right back down. Everyone expected the fall to be tough. Most of the hospitals were giving doctors and nurses vacation breaks while they could.

Of course, Tanesha and Fin were lowly medical students, so they were filling shifts until school started again in a week or two.

They’d worked their rears off to pass the courses they’d started in the spring but were sent home before completing. They would start their third year in medical school in a few weeks. This year, they would start their first year of rotating through hospital medical departments. As long as the hospital stayed open, of course. She had been assured that the hospital had figured out how to stay open and managed the increase in cases they expected in a month or so.

She also knew that the authorities and experts were talking about some dangerous variants of the virus that were more — more easily spread and much more deadly. She hoped they didn’t reach Colorado.

Tanesha was excited to get back on track with medical school.

She was also terrified that it would all be too much.

None of this ruminating was going to get her day going. She turned off the shower and got out. Drying off, she went through a fast routine of full body lotion, minimal make-up, check her hair and edges, before grabbing her bathrobe and heading out.

She and Fin had been working in the hospitals so long that they had been assigned departments. Tanesha worked in ICU, and Fin worked in the Emergency Room. Tanesha dressed in scrubs and went to wake Jabari again.

Although Jeraine had had a show last night, he got up when Tanesha woke Jabari. He got Jabari ready for his day while Tanesha checked her email.

They were out in the main area by 6:15 a.m.

Tanesha turned on the coffee pot. She was about to open the refrigerator when Blane and Tres came down the stairs. Blane shooed her out of the kitchen and began making breakfast for everyone.

“Where’s Nelson?” Tanesha asked. “Heather?”

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