Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part two)


(part two)

“You don’t think I should go with you?” Delphie asked.

“I sure don’t,” Sam said. “This is just a fun thing to do. We’re doing it because. . .”

“. . . we grew all of those seedlings,” Delphie said. “Taking care of all of those kids. It was a good thing to do as this is a good thing to do.”

Delphie gasped.

“I forgot to tell the other kids,” Delphie said.

“No, you didn’t,” Sam said. “They are meeting us there. All of the kids who grew all of these seedlings will be there to help plant them into the garden boxes. We’ve saved back what we like to grow here in our garden and the Hargreaves. When we’re done at the lot, we’ll come back here for a barbecue and planting the rest. Everything’s perfect.”

“Everything’s perfect,” Delphie repeated as if by rote.

“Go,” Sam said. “Have fun with your friends.”

A car pulled up and La Tonya’s kids poured out of her sedan. They rolled like water into one of the waiting SUVs. La Tonya got out of the driver’s seat and went to the passenger’s seat where Nelson was waiting.

“What are they doing?” Delphie asked.

“They thought that they’d go, take some temperatures, pass out some masks,” Sam said. “It seemed like a good chance to engage people who might not have had any services. Nelson’s co-worker Leslie is also a doctor. John Drayson got a doc and a couple of nurses to join them.”

“Help them stay well,” Delphie said with a nod.

“Isn’t that what this project is all about?” Sam asked.

Nodding, Delphie grinned.

“Come on!” Yvonne called to Delphie.

Delphie gave Sam one last look and trotted over to her friend. Yvonne took Delphie’s elbow and they went to where Nelson waited for them. When Delphie and Yvonne got into the vehicle, Delphie squealed. Her friend, Dionne, was waiting there for her.

Sam watched as the women talked all at the same time. Nelson pulled out.

“Ready?” Jacob asked.

Sam nodded.

“Charlie’s going with you,” Jacob said.

“I can drive myself!” Sam said. “I’m not sick anymore.”

“Okay,” Jacob said. “Should we just leave Charlie here?”

Sam gave Jacob a frustrated look and stormed over to the driver’s seat of the truck. He opened the door to find Charlie sitting there.

“Can I drive? I want to get my driver’s license this year and. . .” Charlie’s voice came from inside the cab of the truck.

Sam shot Jacob a look, and Jacob grinned at his father. Shaking his head, Sam went around the truck and got into the passenger seat of the truck. Rodney started his truck. Jacob ran to the third truck and got in the driver’s seat. Sam and Charlie left the parking lot first. Rodney followed them, and Jacob came third.

The day of planting had begun!

In a mini-parade, they drove through the Denver and out on Colorado Boulevard until they reached the Marlowe School near I-70.

Denver Cereal continues tomorrow...



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