Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part two)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part four)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part three)


(part three)

“Look,” Charlie pointed to the SUV that Nelson was driving.

“Getting coffee,” Sam said.

Charlie grinned.

“I hope that I still have my same friends when I’m their age,” Charlie said. “What you and Delphie do, the way you live, is wonderful.”

“Keep your eyes on the road,” Sam said gruffly.

Charlie flicked his eyes to Sam, and they both started laughing.

“Uh oh,” Sam said.

Up ahead, they saw an angry man wearing a mask and wagging his finger at Valerie. Never one to back down, Valerie was arguing back with him. The man kept shaking his head and wagging his finger at her.

“Who’s that?” Charlie asked.

“Inspector,” Sam said. “Radow. He’s an underground inspector so I’m not sure why he’s here. Can you drop me?”

“And park by myself?” Charlie’s voice rose in panic.

“No,” Sam said. “You’re right. Let’s park and go see what’s up his rear.”

“Poop?” Charlie asked.

Sam laughed. With Sam’s coaching, Charlie managed to park the truck on the edge of the payment within the confines of an actual parking spot. Charlie cheered, and Sam clapped. Together, they got out of the truck and went to where Valerie and the inspector were drawing a crowd.

“Finally,” Inspector Barry Radow said, gesturing to Sam. “What the fuck is this?”

“Garden plots?” Sam asked. “You grow things in them?”

“He’s upset about the fence,” Valerie said to Sam.

I’m not upset about the fence,” Barry Radow said. “I’m not upset about anything! My boss however is very upset. And I have to come out here, in the middle of this deadly plague no less, and deal with one more Lipson Construction cock up. And that makes me really upset!

He gestured to Valerie.

“She only has plans for the new facility,” Barry Radow said. “Where are the plans for this? And why isn’t the fence on the God damned property line?”

“Because we own the entire lot to the street,” Jacob said.

“Then put your little boxes on everything or nothing at all,” Barry Radow yelled.

“You heard the man,” Rodney said. “Jake? Seems like we need more garden beds.”

“Call your guys,” Jacob said. “We’ll pay ’em. And get the drivers here.”

“Wait, what?” Barry Radow asked.

“You said that it has to be all or nothing,” Rodney’s deep voice carried over the distance. “Look around you, man. Where are these people buying groceries? We have the land. We can grow some food for the people. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?”

“We are going to grow as much food as we can,” Valerie said. “Plus, we’re giving people something positive to focus on in order to get through this season.”

Barry Radow scowled at Valerie and then looked at Sam.

“You’all have lost your damn minds,” Barry Radow said.

“When is that news?” Sam laughed.

“Barry!” Delphie said coming across the dirt field. “So nice to see you.”

“Ma’am,” Barry said.

“Is there a problem here?” Delphie asked.

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