Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-four - Getting help
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-five - Planting (part one)


(part one)

Monday morning — 8:37 a.m.

“Is that everything?” Sam asked.

Delphie went from one greenhouse to another. She looked at him and shook her head. There were three large flatbed trucks full of small plants.

“I can’t find the. . .” Delphie said.

“I put them in the cab of my truck and Jake,” Sam said with a smile. “You told me that the sweet peas were too sensitive to the cold to be in the bed of the truck.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Delphie said, looking relieved. “You said that. Sorry, I just get it stuck in my head that we’re missing something and. . .”

Delphie shook her head. Sam grinned.

“Are we ready?” Jacob asked.

He came out of the Castle with three thick tarps. He helped Sam put on over the plants in the back of Sam’s truck and then went to put them in the back of the two other trucks.

“We’re bringing the kids, right?” Delphie asked. “Isn’t that what we said?”

“They are just inside the door,” Jacob said. “Jill’s got masks on all of them. Honey’s working on outdoor clothing. Heather’s got shoes. And. . .”

“Sandy’s taking care of potty breaks,” Delphie nodded. “Good.”

“What’s got you today?” Sam asked. Putting his arms around Delphie, he added, “You don’t seem like yourself.”

“Oh,” Delphie sighed. “Just a plan coming together, you know? I see it so perfectly in my head and then the execution is. . . When I was younger, it was all a part of the adventure. Now, it’s more like. . . I don’t know, I guess it’s just not as fun.”

“You’ve gotten perfectionistic in your old age,” Sam said, kissing her nose.

“Gotten?” Jacob laughed as he walked toward them.

“Are you going to be warm enough?” Sandy asked.

Sandy brought Delphie her wool jacket. Sam helped Delphie put it on.

“Are the kids ready?” Delphie asked, her eyebrows pinched together with worry.

“They are so excited,” Sandy said. “You should see them. Did you hear what Máire and Joey’s mom is bringing?”

Delphie shook her head.

“We’re going to have fun,” Sandy said.

Using a cane, Sandy went to where the children were being loaded into SUVs.

“Every vehicle has at least one crying child,” Sandy yelled back to Sam and Delphie. “Mission accomplished!”

Sandy gave them two thumbs up and got into the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Tanesha’s father, Rodney, came out of the Castle to Sam and Delphie.

“I have extra masks,” Rodney said. “Here’s your tea.”

Rodney gave Delphie a travel mug. Delphie smelled it.

“Is Yvonne here?” Delphie asked, brightening at the idea that her friend was here.

“Maresol, too,” Rodney said.

He nodded his head toward where his wife, Yvonne, and their friend, Maresol Trafoya, were coming out of the Castle.

“Is there room for us in your truck?” Yvonne asked.

“Nelson’s here with Ava’s new SUV.” Maresol gestured to where Nelson was sitting in an SUV on the street.

“You go ahead,” Sam said.

“You don’t think I should go with you?” Delphie asked.

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