Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part two)


(part two)

Friday morning — 7:01 a.m.

“You look swarthy,” Heather said to Mike Roper as she entered her new kitchen.

While the hair on his head was still long, Mike had shaved his heavy beard and his general body armor of hair was trimmed down. Heather was wearing a silken robe that was open over flannel pajamas.

“I do clean up nice,” Mike said with a laugh.

“What’s the occasion?” Heather asked.

“We have to go to some awards thing or another,” Mike said. “Mostly, Alex is in town and the guys got together for some grooming.”

Heather nodded. She filled the electric kettle with water and turned on the coffee maker.

“Dare I ask?” Heather asked.

“You can ask me anything, goddess,” Mike said.

“Was Sandy involved?” Heather asked.

“Not yesterday. She’s going to cut our hair today before I go to LA,” Mike said. “Before you ask, she has a male hair groomer at her salon now. He took care of all of our needs.”

“You look nice,” Heather said.

“Thanks,” Mike said.

Heather puttered around the new kitchen looking in one cabinet after the other. Mike watched her move around.

“What are you doing here?” Heather asked.

“Oh,” Mike said. “Sorry, I’m here for Jeraine.”

“Does he know that?” Heather asked.

“He came out and then said he had to shower,” Mike said.

Heather nodded.

“Jake’s opening the outside entrance to the ballroom today,” Mike said. “Jammy wants Jeraine there to take pictures. So he has to be dressed up. They’re pretty excited about the whole thing.”

“Why didn’t Jammy come?” Heather asked.

“I’m not good enough?” Mike asked.

“Jammy brings pastries,” Heather said.

“Ah,” Mike said. “No pastries for you!”

They laughed.

“Jammy flew from LA to Vegas to Denver,” Mike said. “No pastries for anyone.”

“That’s a sad fact,” Heather said. “Maybe I should get some.”

“Or wake up Blane and make him make some,” Mike said.

“I heard that,” Blane said. He was tying his robe when he came around the corner. “You look. . .”

Blane kissed Heather’s cheek, and they gave each other a hug.

“Swarthy,” Mike said.

“Shaved,” Blane said, looking over Heather’s shoulder.

The men laughed, and Blane and Heather separated.

“Alex home?” Blane asked.

Mike nodded.

“We went to the new guy at Sandy’s place,” Mike said. “He did a great job, I thought. Nice too.”

Nodding, Blane went to the refrigerator and poked around. He pulled out some eggs, bread, and bacon. He started cooking while Heather poured coffee into a travel mug. She added cream and a tiny bit of sugar before setting the travel mug on the edge of the counter.

A moment later, a completely dressed, and damp from the shower, Tres Sierra zoomed through kitchen. He grabbed the travel mug, waved to everyone, and jogged out of the house.

“Mask!” Heather yelled after him.

“Got it,” Tres said. They heard him open the drawer where they stored masks and push it closed. “See you tonight!”

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