Chapter Six Hundred and Forty - A moving day (part six)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part two)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part one)


(part one)

Thursday night — 9:11 p.m.

“Fresh from the dryer,” Jill said.

She carried a stack of sheets into Tanesha and Jeraine’s bedroom. Heather grabbed a fitted sheet and a flat and threw them onto the bed. While Jill tucked the sheets into the closet, Heather made the bed. Tanesha came in with a clean comforter. Together, Tanesha and Heather put the comforter into a duvet cover and onto the bed. Jill threw a couple of pillow cases onto the bed. The women grabbed a pillow and began putting them on.

Jill looked around the room. The light bounced off the red oak floors, which had been laid over the heated floor. The walls were a pale green. Mike had spent a couple of days painting a lovely sky with white fluffy clouds on the ceiling. The moldings were a crisp white. The soft rug under the bed matched the green walls in subtle tones of green and blue. The bedding matched the carpet and the walls. They’d added an armoire that was Tanesha’s father Rodney’s along the wall along with a beautiful low cabinet in front of the one way window. The moon peaked through the rectangle windows near the ceiling.

“What do you think?” Jill asked.

“It’s beautiful,” Tanesha said. “Better than we deserve.”

“That’s not true!” Sandy yelled from the couch in the shared space where she was folding laundry. “You deserve at least this.”

“I haven’t asked but. . .” Tanesha started. “I mean, you know, I won’t be in class probably for the rest of the year. And. . .”

Jill gestured for Tanesha to follow her. They walked past Jabari’s room where he was entertaining Mack, Wyn, Eddy, and Maggie. The kids were deep into a game with cars and dolls. Heather picked up Wyn as she walked by.

Jill made a quick left turn and into a room that Tanesha thought was a closet.

“But. . .” Tanesha started.

Jill pushed the door open, and the women went inside a small but gorgeous office. There were high windows for light and privacy. Tanesha’s laptop sat onto of a long table. The cement floors were covered with cork so that Tanesha could have a soft surface while she paced back and forth. There was a comfy couch, big enough for Tanesha to nap on, along the wall. In the corner sat a small floating gas fireplace. On the wall near the door, there was a small counter with a sink. A filtered hot and cold water sat on the counter and there were cabinets above for supplies.

“We haven’t gotten your bookshelves and books in,” Jill said. “I know that you want some here and some in the main room and a few in the bedroom. I thought we could go through them later.”

Her eyes filled with tears, Tanesha nodded to Jill.

“Hey!” Sandy yelled from the couch in the main room. “Pizza’s here!”

Jill hugged Tanesha and left her with Heather.

“What do you think?” Heather asked.

“It’s amazing,” Tanesha said. “Everything is perfect.”

“We’re going to be really happy here,” Heather said.

“We are,” Tanesha said. “You never know what Jer’s going to complain about.”

“Hey!” Jeraine said from the hallway. “For that, I’m going to eat your pizza.”

“You’d better not!” Tanesha said.

She chased him out into the main living area. After the fiasco with the paparazzi, Jill and Jacob had painstakingly put a coating on the wall to ceiling windows and sliding glass door. The coating meant that no one could see inside. The sitting area had large empty book shelves, a wide area for kids to play in, as well as a comfortable sitting area for adults with a couch and chairs. A gas fireplace sat along the wall for when they wanted heat. A screen lowered from the ceiling for when they wanted to watch movies or games from the projected television.

Behind this area was a large gourmet kitchen created to Blane and Jeraine’s specifications. Blane was removing a pie from the oven.

“We’re going to be so happy here,” Heather said almost to herself.

Tres took Wyn from her. Nelson came in carrying the pizzas. He opened the sliding door to give some air flow before anyone took off their face masks to eat. For the next few hours, they celebrated the new home of their best friends.

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