Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part four)


(part four)

Nelson slid into the kitchen. He took a breakfast sandwich wrapped in a napkin from Blane. Heather gave him a travel mug of tea, and Nelson started out the door.

“Mask!” Heather yelled

“Got it,” Nelson said.

The door opened and closed again. Blane set a plate of food for Heather and another for Tanesha on the new kitchen table. They ate in silence, listening for the children to erupt with a need. Tink came into the kitchen, and Blane got up. She sat at the table while he made her a plate. After a moment, he set it in front of her.

“Where’d the table come from?” Tink asked.

“The box that’s now in the recycling,” Heather said. “I put it together after everyone went to sleep.”

“Really?” Tink asked.

“Pretty handy, wouldn’t you say?” Heather asked. “I even put together the chairs.”

“With help from minions?” Tink asked.

Heather held up her hands. Tink mock clapped for her and they all grinned.

“Not sleeping?” Blane asked, his eyebrows dropped in concern for Heather.

“Just excited,” Heather said. “This is really the first place I’ve ever lived that was made for me. You know? And it’s so nice! I want to get everything unpacked and perfect.”

Everyone smiled in agreement.

“Well,” Tink said after wolfing down her food. “I’m off to for school. I have babysitting this afternoon, but we’re reporting on our books this morning and picking a new topic.”

“Have fun,” Heather said.

“I’m in the office today,” Blane said.

“I’m here unpacking,” Heather said.

“I’m here until 2 p.m.,” Tanesha said. “Then off to the hospital.”

“The kids are. . .?” Blane asked.

“Going to the Castle,” Heather said. “I’ll give them some time and we’ll get them ready.”

“Would you like me to?” Blane asked. “I have a couple of hours.”

“We’ve got it,” Heather said. “Take some time for yourself. You’ve been going hard for months. We’re here now.”

Blane gave her a soft smile.

“Thanks,” Blane said. “I think I’ll head back to bed.”

“Are you sick?” Tanesha got up to check his temperature.

“I have a novel I want to read,” Blane said. “My own comfy bed. It calls my soul.”

“Enjoy!” Heather said.

Blane smiled and headed back upstairs to where his room was. Tanesha and Heather sat for only a few minutes before the kids erupted from Jabari’s room. Tanesha took Jabari and Mack while Heather took care of Wyn, Eddy, and Maggie. The children were bathed and changed and back to playing in a short time. Tanesha went to shower while Heather watched the kids. When Tanesha was done, Heather went to shower.

It was just a regular busy morning in their new home.

It was perfect.

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