Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part four)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part six)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part five)


(part five)

Friday morning — 9:11 a.m.

Jeraine was standing in the mud in a quiet area behind the Castle. The sun was warm on his back and bright against the white siding of this edge of the building. They were protected from the paparazzi by the building itself. His agent, James “Jammy” Schmidt V, was standing next to that casino guy named. . .


They were waiting for Jacob and a group of his men to unload a backhoe from a truck. Usually, Jeraine loved this kind of thing. But today. . .

He looked over at the casino guy again.

Jeraine had no idea what that guy’s name was. He’d been nice, really nice. Jeraine couldn’t help but like him. The casino guy had embraced the idea of streaming concerts in “Denver’s most exclusive concert venue.” His team of programmers had already set up a blog page, run by his marketing team, to build interest in the concerts that would start. . .

Jeraine squinted. He couldn’t remember when the concerts were starting.

Soon. They were starting soon. He worried that if he asked, he’d look foolish.

He felt foolish. He should have asked Miss T to come with him. He was too out of it by then to realize how much he’d need her help.

They’d already taken a bunch of pictures. They really didn’t need him anymore. He stayed because. . .

He wasn’t sure.

It was so bright. He squinted at the wall, and then again at Jammy and Matt.

The backhoe started up with a plume of black smoke.

Jeraine stepped back. Instinctively, he shaded his eyes with his hand.

The backhoe delicately backed off the truck. To his surprise, he saw Sam Lipson sitting in the seat of the backhoe.

He felt a hand on his arm. He turned to see Jacob standing next to him.

“Jeraine?” Jacob asked.

Jacob’s eyes were filled with so much caring and compassion that Jeraine nearly cried.

“You look like your head’s bothering you,” Jacob said.

Jeraine nodded.

“Tanesha’s on her way over,” Jacob said. “She said that you forgot to take your medication this morning. She wanted me to see how you were doing.”

Jeraine gave him a slight nod.

“That’s what I thought,” Jacob said. He pulled off his own sunglasses. “Put these on.”

Doing what he was told, Jeraine put the glasses on. The world turned a shade of amber darkness. Jeraine took a breath and then another.

“Panic,” Jeraine mumbled to himself.

“I get it,” Jacob said, putting his hand back on Jeraine’s shoulder.

The men stood together for. . . Jeraine wasn’t sure how long. The next thing he knew, Jacob was tugging Jeraine out of the way.

“We’re heading in for a cup of coffee,” Jacob said.

“I could use one,” Mike Roper’s voice came from Jeraine’s side.

Jeraine had forgotten all about Mike. He looked over at Mike.

“Right beside you, buddy,” Mike said.

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