Chapter Six Hundred and Forty - A moving day (part one)
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty - A moving day (part three)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty - A moving day (part two)


(part two)

“You aren’t my mom!” Maggie said. “You can’t make me!”

“Uh!” Tink said. “We’ve been over and over this. You can’t be here because they’re moving in!”

“But it’s Thursday!” Maggie said, as if Tink was dumb or possible deaf. “We play on Thursdays.”

“Did you cross that street by yourself?” Tink asked. Her hands went to her hips and her voice was hard.

“I’m not a stupid baby,” Maggie said in a near perfect imitation of Katy’s latest favorite comeback. The girl gestured to the paparazzi across the street “I had one of those men walk me across.”

Maggie!” Tink said.

Realizing that Tres and Jeraine were standing there, Tink looked up at them. The men gave her nearly identical “It wasn’t me” faces. She looked back at Maggie. She opened her mouth to speak, but Tres cut her off.

“How about this?” Tres asked. “Why don’t we bring Mack and Jabari back to the Castle?”

“I can’t look after more kids!” Tink said. “Noelle and Nash are watching Katy, Paddie, Jackie, Eddy, Máire and Joey. Charlie has all of the other kids — including those wild twins! — while I’m chasing down this one! The girlfriends are getting your stuff out of the storage container! We can’t take any more kids!”

“I’ll go,” Tres said. He gave her a kind smile.

“Who are you?” Tink asked.

“Good philosophical question,” Tres said. “We have met before. You actually know me.”

Tink gave him a deadly look.

“Right now, I’m the person who is resolving this situation,” Tres said.

“Don’t you have something to do over here?” Tink asked.

“I’m in charge of Mack and Wyn today,” Tres said. “I’m off for a few days because of job sharing.”

“Whatever,” Tink said. “Maggie, you need to get back to the Castle.”

“No!” Maggie said. “I won’t go without Mack and Jabari! I won’t go! I won’t go! I won’t go! I won’t go!”

Jeraine winced. He’d been in the middle of a Katy melt-down once. It had permanently scarred him. He held his breath.

“She doesn’t have powers,” Tres said under the sound of the shouting girl.

“Thank God for that,” Jeraine said.

The sound of Maggie brought Mack and Jabari to the door. They saw their friend’s red angry face and her messed up hair. Jabari shifted to hide behind Jeraine’s leg, while Mack waded right in.

“Maggie?” Mack asked. “Why are you mad?”

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