Chapter Six Hundred and Forty - A moving day
Chapter Six Hundred and Forty-one - Settling in (part one)

Chapter Six Hundred and Forty - A moving day (part six)


(part six)

“Don’t remind me,” Tanesha said. “How much of that pile is Gran’s?”

“About half,” Heather said.

“She’s going to be mad if she finds out we got rid of her stuff,” Tanesha said.

“How would she find out?” Heather asked.

“Just don’t tell her,” Sandy said.

Tanesha gave them a worried nod. Her Gran’s lover was forced to return to her fairy realm during the fairy wars. Without the constant care of her lover, Gran had deteriorated terribly. At the beginning of the year, Tanesha had to put her grandmother into a care facility.

Now she worried that her Gran would get Covid. It wasn’t that her Gran hadn’t lived a long, satisfying life. If anything, Gran had lived much longer than she would have otherwise. And, it wasn’t that Gran was a nice person or even a deserving person. Tanesha loved her Gran and wanted her around. Tanesha sighed.

“Don’t you think that we should keep her stuff?” Tanesha asked.

“She hasn’t missed this stuff,” Heather said. “And it’s been here a long time.”

Tanesha gave a slow nod.

“She’s not going to make it is she?” Tanesha asked.

“That’s not my purview,” Heather said. “I don’t know.”

Tanesha nodded. She turned to look at Sandy and Jill.

“What would you do?” Tanesha asked.

“I would put the four boxes in the SUV and go to lunch,” Jill said.

“Life has too much crap,” Sandy said. “We can all use to lose a few boxes.”

Tanesha shook her head.

“It feels like I’m betraying her,” Tanesha said.

“But not Jeraine?” Heather asked with a grin. “What about the ribbon he won for winning first place in that race in third grade?”

Tanesha gave Heather a long look before starting to laugh.

“Oh look, the boxes are in the SUV,” Heather said.

“Wha. . .” Jill got up to look in the SUV.

When Sandy, Jill, and Tanesha looked again, the stacks of boxes were gone.

“Where did they. . .?” Tanesha started.

Heather pointed to the trash and recycling bins. The recycling bin was full of folded boxes. The three trash dumpsters were full. Heather pointed toward the road.

A trash truck pulled into the storage facility. While they watched, the truck picked up the dumpsters and rotated them into the truck. They watched the back of the truck as it exited to the street. A recycling 

“I guess that’s that,” Sandy said.

“Time for drinks!” Heather said.

Laughing, the women left the storage unit. When the couch was free, it moved itself to the back of the storage unit. Tanesha gave Heather a curious look.

“Just in case we want a club house,” Heather said.

“Wednesday drinks club,” Jill said with cheer.

“Today’s Thursday,” Sandy said, laughing at Jill.

“I cannot keep these Covid days straight,” Jill said.

“You and me both,” Tanesha said. “I’ll tell you one thing.”

The women turned to look at their friend.

“I love these masks,” Tanesha said, gesturing to her face mask. “We did all this dusty stuff and I’m not even stuff up.”

“Me too,” Sandy said with a nod.

“Now that you mention it,” Jill said.

“We should wear them all the time,” Heather said.

“We may have to,” Tanesha said, grimly.

“It always passes,” Heather said.

The friends shared a long look before Tanesha nodded. Tanesha and Heather helped Sandy into the back seat. Heather sat next to her. Tanesha got into the passenger seat and Jill started the SUV.

“Did I tell you that Loki came for a visit?” Heather asked.

“No way,” Tanesha said.

Laughing and talking, the four best girlfriends went to get tacos at their favorite truck with outdoor seating.

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