Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-six - Enter Wretched (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-seven - Exhausting (part one)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-six - Enter Wretched (part six)


(part six)

“That’s interesting,” Noelle said. “Did you find anything?”

“It’s tricky,” Nelson said. “The ballroom was an illegal speakeasy, so it’s not like they would have called the police if something happened.”

Noelle nodded. The electric kettle clicked off and Noelle set about making the pot of tea. Nelson followed her with his eyes.

“I haven’t found anything,” Nelson said. “But that doesn’t mean that, when we find someone who will talk to us, I won’t be able to track their story through official channels. At least that’s how it usually works.”

Noelle nodded. She set the full teapot on the kitchen table.

“What are you up to?” Nelson asked.

“It time for me to do art,” Noelle said. “I can just go out there, but Joey’s still here and Mike was working with him. Mike will be mad if Joey and I work, but it’s art time so we have to do something. Have you seen Mike?”

“I haven’t,” Nelson said.

“Hmm,” Noelle said. “They had a baby yesterday.”

“I heard,” Nelson said. “Baby girl?”

Noelle nodded. She squinted her eyes and looked at the second floor stairs.

“I should go check,” Noelle said. “He just might get annoyed, and I don’t want to annoy him.”

Nelson looked up at her.

“You don’t have any special powers do you?” Noelle asked. “You know, like Jacob and Katy do?”

“Other than being a Templar?” Nelson asked with a laugh. “No.”

“Well, here goes nothing,” Noelle said and went up the stairs. “Good luck with your stuff.”

Nelson nodded and went back to his computer. A few minutes later, Ava O’Malley came in with the state archeologist, Dr. Heidi Miller, trailing behind her.

“This is a great place,” Dr. Miller said. “Do you live here, Nelson?”

“I lived here while our house was being finished,” Nelson said. “We live across the street.”

“Can we have the muffins?” Ava asked.

“Sure,” Nelson said, shifting the plate toward here. “We have a fresh pot of tea, too.”

“Where’s O’Malley?” Ava asked.

“He’s not here,” Nelson said. “I mean, he was here. Then he left to drop off Dr. Bumpy.”

“That’ll take a while,” Ava said.

Ava pulled out a seat for Dr. Miller and took one across the table. Nelson got up to get plates and mugs. They had just poured tea when Mike and Noelle came running down the stairs. Mike’s hair was wet and he was pulling on a long sleeved T-shirt. Noelle was talking so fast that none of them could catch a word. Joey Drayson flew down the loft stairs and ran after them. They left the building together.

“Any idea what that was about?” Ava asked.

“Art time?” Nelson shrugged. “Val had her baby yesterday so Mike’s not on the ball. They have this complicated schedule. If they get behind, then everything’s a mess.”

“Wow,” Dr. Miller said. “Can I bring my kids here?”

“Ours are with Heather upstairs,” Nelson said with a grin. “It’s toddler play time.”

They ate muffins and drank tea until Seth came running into the building.

“Come on,” Seth said.

He waved at them and ran down the stairs.

“You guys go ahead,” Ava said. “I’ll clear.”

Nelson picked up his bag and gestured for Dr. Miller to head down the stairs in front of him. Ava picked up the cups. She set them in the dishwasher and followed them down into the ballroom.

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