Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-six - Enter Wretched (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-six - Enter Wretched (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-six - Enter Wretched (part four)


(part four)

The elderly man sighed.

“And then it was gone,” Wretched said. “Like it never happened. I think those boys of mine don’t think it ever did.”

“Let’s see if we can’t find your stuff,” Jacob said. “That might give you some proof.”

“Good thinking,” Wretched said with a grin.

“I’ll tell you, there wasn’t much here when I found it,” Jacob said.

“Did you go in the back?” Wretched asked.

“I found some casks of rum and gin,” Jacob said.

“No, the employees side,” Wretched said. “Over here.”

Wretched gestured to the other side of the stage. Jacob followed him. They were standing in front of a blank wall.

“There was a door here,” Wretched said, shaking his head.

The elderly man walked back to where they came inside. He went around the other way and ended up back at the blank wall. He backed up and went the other way.

While Wretched tried to figure out where the door might have been, Jacob looked at the wall. He felt around the wall itself.

If there had been a door here, it was one of the best covers that Jacob had ever seen. He felt around the wall until he thought that he’d found a seam. He turned to look for Wretched. The elderly man was talking to himself in another area of the ballroom, Jacob reached out with his senses.

He took a step backward and shook his head. He was taking out his cellphone when his father entered the ballroom. He watched Sam greet Wretched. While the phone dialed, he saw Wretched explain his dilemma.

“O’Malley,” Seth’s voice came from the phone. “We’re in the car. Bumpy needed some coffee. Not my coffee. Not Maresol’s coffee. But special coffee from the special place.”

Bumpy’s laughing voice came from the background.

“We have a body,” Jacob said. “At least one. Likely two.”

“What?” Seth asked. “In the ballroom.”

“Yes,” Jacob said. “Behind a wall.”

“So it is true,” Wretched said.

Jacob jerked with surprise. The elderly man was at his elbow.

“I’ll take care of it,” Seth said.

“Thanks,” Jacob hung up the phone. Turning to Wretched, Jacob asked, “What’s true?”

The elderly man shook his head and walked away from him. Jacob shot a worried look after the man. He glanced at his father.

“Why don’t you head up?” Sam asked. “I know you have a lot on your plate today.”

“You’re still recovering!” Jacob said.

“I’m okay to sit here,” Sam said. “You do have a chair down here, right?”

“In the back,” Jacob said, pointing to the door.

“Perfect,” Sam said. “I’ll pull out a few chairs and a table. We’ll wait for the police and whoever shows up.”

“You’re sure?” Jacob asked.

“Absolutely,” Sam said. “I can do this.”

“You’ll be careful?” Jacob asked.

“I’ll be fine,” Sam said.

Jacob gave him a worried nod. As he was leaving, Wretched was showing Sam where the tables were stored. Jacob jogged up the stairs to the kitchen.

“Where’ve you been?” Blane asked. “We have to go.”

Aden gave Jacob an annoyed look. Jacob followed them out of the Castle.

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