Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-seven - Exhausting (part three)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-seven - Exhausting (part five)

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-seven - Exhausting (part four)


(part four)

“Have you found anything that says why the head is here?” Ava asked.

“As far as we can tell, it was stolen from the Germans to keep them from parading around with it,” Sandy said. “They considered Sophie, her brother, and their friend as true traitors. They were good Hitler Youth until they turned on the regime. They wanted people to know what happens when you betray the Nazis. Whoever stole the head was likely doing it to disrupt their propaganda machine.”

“Have you found any other heads?” Heidi asked.

“No,” Sandy said, shaking her head. “This was the only crate with the roses burned into it. I think it’s the only one. We’re still working through everything.”

Heidi and Ava nodded.

“How many bodies did you find downstairs?” Sandy asked.

“Three,” Ava said. “Did you meet Wretched?”

Sandy shook her head.

“He said that there was a story that the wife of the owner of the speakeasy was cheating on him with someone from the band,” Ava said.

“A black man,” Heidi said with a nod.

“The owner walled them up into the speakeasy,” Ava said.

“Alive?” Sandy asked, horrified.

“They were definitely alive when they were walled in there,” Heidi said with a nod.

“The sad thing is that there were two other remains there,” Ava said. “Wretched thinks that one of them was his wife. She worked at the speakeasy so was likely working when the owner walled off the area.”

“Too horrible to imagine,” Sandy said.

Ava and Heidi nodded.

“Jacob said that they are the twelfth remains he’s found in walls in the Castle,” Ava said. “Not counting Saint Jude.”

“They were in the floor,” Sandy said.

A shiver went up her spine.

“It’s pretty creepy,” Sandy said.

“Just history,” Heidi said. “We give life to these people and their suffering. Imagine — if they had lived, they likely would have died in World War II.”

“Or lived whole lives,” Sandy said. “We don’t know.”

“Either way, they’d likely be dead,” Ava said.

“It’s still pretty creepy,” Sandy said.

Heidi and Ava looked at each other and then nodded in agreement.

“My team and the group from Denver Police are getting forensics,” Ava said. “It looks like one of the people is of native origin so that’s a whole other thing.”

“It’s going to take time to unravel all of this,” Heidi said.

“Is the owner of the speakeasy still alive?” Sandy asked.

Heidi and Ava’s heads went up and down.

“Wow,” Sandy said.

“Yeah,” Ava said. “Wow.”

“They were ‘going to see him,’” Ava said.

“They who?” Sandy asked.

“The Denver Police,” Ava said. “Armed. So before you ask, O’Malley did not go with them.”

Ava turned over her wrist.

“My guess is that he’s in custody by now,” Ava said.

The women looked at each other. Not wanting to say anything, they simply drank their tea.

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