Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-five - In the ballroom (part five)
Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-five - In the ballroom

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty-five - In the ballroom (part six)


(part six)

“We could,” Jacob said. “We get WiFi down here, so you could broadcast from here.”

Jacob shrugged.

“I don’t know what you’ll need,” Jacob said. “But it might work. Maybe.”

“Why is it so clean?” Tanesha asked.

“Rosa and her team come down here every quarter or so,” Jacob said. “Last week was their yearly deep clean. In fact, that’s how it occurred to me that Jeraine might be able to use it. Rosa asked for help moving the screen.”

Shrugging, he sighed.

“I’m sorry to cut this short,” Jacob said. “It’s probably the bourbon, but I’m just wiped out. You can stay down here if you’d like. Just take the stairwell straight up to the kitchen. I’ll unlock the door.”

“One more question,” Abi asked.

Jacob looked at her.

“Where are we?” Abi asked. “By my estimation, we are no longer on the property.”

“Good guess,” Jacob said. “We’re under the land between the Castle and the house to the north.”

“But. . .?” Tanesha asked.

“You own that one as well?” Abi asked.

“Delphie,” Jacob said. “My mom bought it for me, Val, or Blane. She thought if something happened — economic crash or whatever — we could move in there.”

“Who lives there now?” Abi asked.

“We’ve rented it out to the same family since I was in high school,” Jacob said. “They do a great job keeping it up. I doubt Delphie’s raised the rent. I go in every six months or so and fix something that’s broken. Delphie’s been giving them eggs.”

Jacob shrugged.

“I always wondered why they never complained about the paparazzi,” Tanesha said.

“Now you know,” Jacob said. “I’m off to bed.”

“I’ll go with you,” Tanesha said.

“I’ll stay,” Abi said.

“Is it okay if I stay?” Jeraine asked. “Take some video and send it to Jammy?”

“Of course,” Tanesha said. “I just need to shower and get some rest before Jabari wakes up.”

“Good point,” Jeraine said. “I’ll be up by then.”

Tanesha kissed him, and followed Jacob out of the ballroom. They went up the stairwell. At the hallway, Jacob clapped his hands and a wooden screen appeared. He pulled it into place so that it would be unmovable for Jeraine.

“That’s handy,” Tanesha said.

“It’s better than losing Jeraine down here,” Jacob said. “I’m so busy that I’d likely forget about him until the weekend. You’d miss him but figure he was off in his usual bullshit.”

“You know me so well,” Tanesha said. “And Abi?”

“It’s Abi’s world,” Jacob said.

“We just live in it,” Jacob and Tanesha said together as they reached the kitchen.

They laughed. Jacob raised a hand in goodbye to Tanesha. She went to their apartment in the basement. She showered and went to bed. When Jeraine arrived two hours later, she was sound asleep.

Jeraine slipped into bed. Lying on his back, he whispered a quiet prayer that this actually work out for him. The last thought he had before he went to sleep was that he hoped that Hecate wouldn’t show up so he could sleep.

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